Have you guys missed me? Well, have you even noticed I haven’t been around as much? No? Ok, well, a girl can hope, right? But even so, the huge event for which we’ve been planning and preparing over at my day job is over, meaning that I have some time to do things other than go to work, eat, sleep, and worry! Excellent, right?

So the first thing I’m going to bring you post-apocalypse is something that made me stop and look twice when perusing ShopBop today (Megs & Co. lured me to their site with news of their oh-so-rare sale code!), and rarely do I look twice. I popped over to their jackets section in hopes of finding a cute coat for winter (that I’ll never wear, since it’s going to be 85 degrees in Georgia for the rest of my life), and when I saw the LaRok VestEd Interest jacket (+1 for punning), I stopped and looked harder.

You see, the vest is actually part of the jacket, ensuring the perfect fit at all times – the jacket stays taught and won’t fall open or sag because the buttons of the vest secure it in place. Everything stays in place for the perfect look, and you get a great menswear-inspired piece for an unconventional night-out ensemble. Plus, use the BOPFORFALL code to save $50!

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  • Grace

    Wow, it’s out of stock already! Its really cute, I would definitely wear it!

  • Diesel&Coco

    Dang – always too late!

  • very interesting
    i love how its like both, but its meant to look like a vest attac hed to a jacket, not trying to create the illusion of a vest. that makes it tacky imo.

  • Love it. I wish I could fit in one of those.

  • Super cute! I’ve always liked the vest look but every time I put one on, I feel like Lindsay Lohan…not really the look I am going for. I hadn’t thought of pairing it with a smart jacket. This solves the problems! Hot. Wish I could have it.

  • Naggy

    Gorgeous jacket! I love the whole ensemble! (ipad)