Juicy Couture iPod Shuffle CaseThere are plenty of iPod and iPod Mini Cases out there. Expensive ones, cheap ones, chic ones, ugly ones, you know the drill. But what about the cute little iPod shuffle (which I personally love to use to work out because I swear it is barely there)? There was the infamous Hermes Lipstick/Gum case, which I believe would and could hold an iPod shuffle, but there would not be easy access to the controls. So as much as many of you may despise Juicy Couture, try to hear me out. This little Juicy Couture MP3 Case/iPod Shuffle Case is a simple and cute little outfit. There are two colors to choose from: socialite (light pink) leather with pewter hardware (my fav) or black/golden. The chain strap shows off decorative chains with logo charms that hang from the left side, yet they do not overpower it. The last perk to this little case is the price. I am sure many of you could spare the $38 via Neiman Marcus.

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  • billyjoe

    that is a cute case i no i could use it ;)

  • elle

    ew no, i have the juicy ipod mini case and its so annoying. i had to take off the chain with pliers because its so loud. i dont even use it anymore. i would not reccomend juicy ipod stuff to anyone b/c the chains/charms are a pain.

  • Amanda

    omigosh its so cute!!!! i would definetly use that!Not a bad price either!

  • Cindy

    If only I had and I-Pod shuffle then I would get the Juicy case.

  • cork

    i would take off the cains they make you look like you are trying a bit too hard

  • cork

    i ment chains

  • scaly

    The Apple Store has a cute 3-pack of leatherette cases for the Shuffle that are cheaper and nicer.

  • billyjoe

    if you just have an ipod, they have super awesome ‘ipod socks’
    which are $30 for a pack of 6

  • Joanne

    That is HOT!But why waste money on such a thing?? it only plays music thats it…why spend it on your ipod??? your probably spending it on ythe ipod more than yourself!

  • an ipod is everyones best friend

    Louis Vuitton is better!!!!!!!!!!

  • ally

    I think it’s really cool! I could really use one like it.

  • Jen

    Cute, but doesn’t leave much room for other items. Check out http://www.ihold-it.com. These iPod purses are the bomb!

  • poopsie

    This i-pod case is realllyyy awesome. I have it, but I no longer use it, because I got mad at it and broke it. The chains can be annoying and painful.
    If you buy it, enjoy!
    Don’t worry, I love you.

  • Brittany

    :grin: that i pod case is so cute.

  • Naggy

    It needs a whoooole lot more design! (ipad)

  • KY

    What a cute iPod case! (ipad)

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