handbag cookie jarsAll of the people out there who do not love cookies; who are you??? What happened to you and your taste buds?? Cookies are probably one of the best inventions ever. I always pondered over the thoughts of the genius who decided to combine flour, sugar, eggs, and butter to make a cookie. Cookie inventor of the world, you deserve a medal of some kind. One of my favorite furniture stores, Horchow, also sports some irresistible accessories for the handbag and cookie lovers out there. Behold Handbag Cookie Jars, the perfect immersion between the kitchen and fashion world. Choose from either Zebra (9″W x 6″D x 9″T) or Leopard (8″W x 6.5″D x 10.5″T) and have a chic ceramic jar to store your treats in. Such a perfect gift for any of your fashion and cookie oriented friend (seriously, who does not fit into that category?!). Through Horchow for $24.90 each.

Thanks for pointing these out Maxter!!

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  • Leanne

    awww…how cute are they?!

  • Great gift, don’t ya think?!

  • Rachel

    They are so GORGEOUS and PRACTICAL! :)

  • preppyrich69

    are you guys blind those are the most hanous things that i have seen, you must be out of your mind to carry that around .. i work at a law firm and if they saw me carry that with me they would sew me !!!! hahahahahaha

  • ^ You don’t carry it? It goes in your kitchen!

  • Justine

    Haha those are butt ugly bags what were they thinking? They should have atleast tried 2 knock off some great designer purse !

  • preppyrich69

    i wouldent put that in my kichen, not even if i was on life support.hahahahaha

  • Gayathri

    Wow ! I think I would love to collect a whole bunch of these. They are sooo cute.

  • Tracey White

    They are really cute i love them!see great lines at

  • Naggy

    The idea of handbags holding cookies is what would make the cookies even more delicious! (ipad)