Even though I spend the vast majority of my time writing and thinking about handbags, the accessory I actually interact with the most is my iPhone case. I have a 6 Plus, and the size and beauty of the thing only encourages me to interact with it even more. If you’ve joined the 6S or 6S Plus ranks in the past couple of days, you probably need something to protect your new, giant, gorgeous toy. (I worked at Best Buy in college. Trust me, naked iPhones are a bad idea.)

As we did when the first iPhone 6 came out, we took a look around at our favorite retailers to find you cases that are chic, funny, adorable or some combination of the three. Some of them are expensive, but you can get a good-looking protective case for as little as $30; that’s definitely less of a splurge than a new bag, and you’ll get to use it just as much.

Dolce & Gabbana I Love You iPhone 6 Case


Fendi Karlito iPhone 6 Cover
$600 via Neiman Marcus


Iphoria Couleur iPhone 6 Case
$50 via Shopbop


Jordan Carlyle Lust iPhone 6 Case
$35 via Shopbop


Kate Spade Fox iPhone 6 Case
$40 via Macy’s


Marc by Marc Jacobs Candy Wrapper iPhone 6 Case
$48 via Shopbop


MCM Galaxy iPhone 6 Case
$175 via Nordstrom


MICHAEL Michael Kors Gold Leopard iPhone 6 Case
$40 via Macy’s


Monica Strigel Transparent Flawless iPhone 6 Case
$35 via Shopbop


Moschino Spray Can iPhone 6 Case
$115 via Shopbop


Stella McCartney Lips iPhone 6 Case


The Case Factory Elaphe iPhone 6 Case
$180 via Net-a-Porter


Valenz Leather Matte Python iPhone 6 Case
$95 via Shopbop


Vera Bradley iPhone 6 Plus Case
$38 via Macy’s


Zero Gravity Stoned iPhone 6 Case
$25 via Shopbop

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7 years ago

You should’ve included the fashionable phone cases by Bandolier………

7 years ago

Very cute. I like the nail polish and the lips. I will probably just stick to a lifeproof or otterbox whenever I get my new phone. While stylish, typically these cases don’t exactly protect your phone.

Immodest Goddess
Immodest Goddess
7 years ago

I have no interest in these because I won’t be getting anew phone but if I was I’d be all over that Chanel nail polish.

Marinda Caulder
7 years ago

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Dylan Propst
Dylan Propst
7 years ago

I wasn’t aware that galaxy print was still a thing.

Jerri R
Jerri R
7 years ago

The bags these days are already so small they barely can fit the phones. I don’t think the covers that make the phone’s dimensions even bigger are a good idea.

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