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  • lara

    Slide 47 & 58 are so cute!

  • Gigi

    Slide 30 stole my heart

  • Stephanie Durham

    I just emailed my SA about 58. ?

  • buffmom33

    Dying over the boy card cases!!!

  • Jennifer McGee

    I can’t believe how high the prices the Wallet on the Chain have become. I bought a WOC six years ago for $1200. It is still in great condition and I absolutely love it. However, for the current WOC prices you can get a full size Louis Vuitton, YSL, Gucci or Prada bag.

    • Sparky

      I totally agree. The pieces featured above are beautiful but I wouldn’t pay these prices. Nearly $3000 for a WOC….?? They should be $1500 – MAXIMUM. I think these are mainly entry points or destinations for people who want the brand but can’t purchase a proper bag. Still – way overpriced.

      • gatoradder

        I disagree that these are entry. I’m finding that I would rather carry smaller bags. I have several medium sized Chanel bags and totes from other brands but I always turn to my one WOC from Chanel for day-to-day.

  • Maya

    ….it would be super interesting to see the price increases over the last say 10-15 years….

    • Agree!
      It would be very interesting to see the prices over time…


  • FashionableLena

    I didn’t see anything groundbreaking. I guess that the card case and coin purse are still on my wishlist as far as Chanel goes.

  • kk78

    I am loving those small card holders – the ones with the shamrocks in particular! I’m Irish so I MUST HAVE! :) Also, if anyone is thinking about a WOC, get one – seriously, you’ll use it all the time.

  • Laura

    The Woc in slide 69 is stunning. The color combo and the design, i love it!