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  • Sparky

    FABULOUS!!!!!! I want them ALL! (Any sure-fire way to win PowerBall?)

  • Gigi

    90 is gorgeous, along with the other shopping bags!

  • FashionableLena

    Number 11 is my favorite. I’ve always adored that backpack. The pleated evening clutches are very cool.

    $2700 for a mesh bag just seems…stupid. All I think of when I see mesh is my sons’ practice football jersey. I’ve seen bag #65 on IG. To be honest, a lot of these bags look like something my 85 year-old grandmother would wear-a little old lady-ish. Number 65 gives me that vibe. Not classic. Just old and not in a good, vintage way.

  • Sandy

    Oh my! I guess I need to add another Chanel to my collection. The bi-color Boy and the camera bag!

  • Smithy

    Some fab bags and some over the top ridiculously priced bags.

  • Sara

    Thank you Chanel for producing some new flap bags & shoppers. I was excpecting to see over 100 Boy Bag reincarnations so I was pleasantly surprised. Love them all. And thanks PB for including prices. Note to self: must buy Chanel this year :-)

  • Guest

    Some of the bag are gorgeous and some are just ridiculous. Why are denim flap bags $4k and those mesh backpacks and shopper bags look like something a college student would transport dirty laundry in.

  • Doodles78

    Love the pleats

  • Those mesh bags are terrible. I can’t believe anyone would charge $20 for that, much less 100 times that. It’s getting out of hand. And you just know the Kardashians/Hadids will bite the bullet and carry those “mesh luxury bags” in front of the paps.

  • Nice bags i will buy any of one.. Well chanel always produce something decent, All bags are great :)|

  • jenjen

    Lots of pretty boys. I think #23 boy and chevron reissues are my faves .

  • Hulda “Bag Lady” Saint Felix

    Oh, Purseblog, you have done it again! You are giving life! YES! They’re all awesome. But my personal favorites are #30 and Large Shopping Bags. #PurseGoals :)

  • Nicole Nicole

    I just really really enjoyed perusing these handbags. I’ll take one each…lol

  • Tee

    With the exception of the mesh bags, the collection and colors are beautiful. I need to add the Chevron 2.55 and beige boy to my collection. *sigh* too many handbags and not enough money to have them all

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