CompassIf any of you have been wondering why I have been not around much lately, it is because I have been moving. Seriously, moving so much is a pain in the rear. After a wonderful summer in NYC, I packed up and moved back to the Mid West. Because I am a fashionista myself, I had 4 bags of luggage; 2 of them weighing nearly 100 pounds each. Ha. Once I arrived back in Ohio, it was time for another move. Vlad and I thought we did not need a moving company. Because of my bad shoulder I really was no help, which left Vlad carrying all of my stuff up 3 flights of stairs. Now he is bruised, I am annoyed, and I truly do not want to unpack. But once I do, I have to take a picture of my new closet! It is not the closet of my dreams (my dreams truly are unrealistic though at times ;-)) but it is a closet to melt over! It is huge and roomy and just makes me smile REALLY big. So with all of the moving I have had to neglect the blog and forum for a bit. But I have a lovely vacation coming up and we have many things in store for you all. In the mean time, if any of you are thinking of moving, you may need a compass. Honestly, I don’t know of anyone that uses once since we have GPS now, but it is worth a shot. For stylish leather covered compass with gold details, hit up Barneys New York. The Barneys New York Leather Compass measures 2×2 and is available for $75 through Barneys in green, orange, and tan.

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