Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific (2)

Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific (3)


Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific (4)

Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific (5)


Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific (6)


Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific (8)

Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific (9)


Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific (10)


Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific (11)


Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific (12)

Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific (13)


Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific (14)


Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific (18)

Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific (15)


Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific (17)


Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific (16)

Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific (19)


Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific (20)

Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific (21)


Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific (22)


Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific (23)

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  • Amanda

    “Focus. Prioritizing. Coffee” those are good rules for life! Love this feature.

  • Jade

    Love her style. She always look so perfect!

  • http://neverenoughshoes.wordpress.com/ Jenny

    Love that tory burch bag! Any idea if it’s still for sale?

  • Mary O’Hara

    Her answers are so funny! “Flats…I am not trying to be a hero” – love this glimpse into her personality since her blog posts don’t have much, if any, text!

  • Christiannag

    Love the trunk – where is it from?

    • BEE

      Hey!! I bought it on Gilt last year :) XO

      • Christiannag

        Nice! Can never get enough gilt – do you know the maker?

  • Marina Harbor

    Sooo Happy to see the post !!! Love Atlantic Pacific blog! Great Style!!

  • Rebecca

    I love the “peek” into her personal, though I also really appreciate that she keeps her life separate from
    Her fashion blog.

  • jfm22

    Blair! Love your blog post. You are awesome. Thanks for the inspirations.

  • http://www.thelocusofstyle.com/ Emily Lunstroth

    love this, such beautiful pictures!

  • Mya

    Great post, love her style! And Vlad, dayummm, you do take some lovely photos, keep up the good work.

  • Jennifer

    Love the wallet!

  • Sybil Lee

    Love, Love BEE!! It’s about time you had her on here! Her signature look are those red lipstick, her Karen Walkers, and that large Herme black on black Clic H bracelet.

  • FashionableLena

    Blair’s blog has always been my favorite because the focus is the fashion. That is what a personal style blog is supposed to be.
    Mostly, I like to see a fellow sunglass lover. I have over 30 pair and can’t wait to get my hands on a pair of Karen Walkers.

  • http://www.extrapetite.com/ Extra Petite Blog

    Great feature! Loved learning a little more about the lady behind A-P.

  • Jill-e

    What brand is that leopard bag? Is it still available? And how much?!!!

    • Isabel

      it’s valentino. it’s probably abt $3K

  • Ninon

    I am so happy you featured my favorite blogger of the whole world in this post!!! I find her so inspiring!

  • Guest

    I enjoy her blog because:

    It’s really about the fashion. She keeps her personal life out of it, and that’s fine with me.
    She has a terrific sense of style.
    She actually works for a living. I am BEYOND tired of blogging trustafarians who have no idea of what it means to get up and get on with a serious job every day.

    As always, Vlad’s photos are gorgeous.

  • http://www.labellemel.com/ Melanie

    such a great post on one of my top favorite fashion bloggers out there. it’s good to know that she carries flats too! =P

  • MAC

    PB always picks my favorite people to interview. <3

  • http://pinksole.com/ Rachelle

    Love this, she’s my all time favorite blogger.

  • http://www.kpfusion.com/ Kimmie

    Blair is my fave! <3 this feature on her; her blog is all about fashion so it's cool whenever we get a chance to get a peak into her world.

  • http://fashionismymedicine1.blogspot.com/ atrewatha

    Hands down my favorite blogger. Her style is impeccable and flawless. I also appreciate that she sticks only to what she is wearing and leaves her personal life out. That to me is the key to her blogging success.
    Great post!

  • http://www.MyBeautifulAdventures.com/ Andi Perullo de Ledesma

    Loved this interview!!!

  • ashley

    MUJI pens are legit! Ahhh finally someone who understands the obession, i knew this girl was cool from the moment she said she loves The Format!

  • tarshaj18

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