Back in February we posted pictures of Kim Kardashian carrying her Hermes Birkin not only to the beach, but also placing her bag right in the sand. Many of us gasped at the site of a $10,000 bag being plopped into a pile of sand, me included.

It has been a little while since we all played Who’s that girl? and this week seems to be dragging just a tad, so I’m ready for a little fun. Take a guess at the girl in the picture above carrying her Celine Luggage Tote.

Sunday night brought us the 2011 installment of the MTV Movie Awards, which is always a treat to watch. I always wait and hope for something crazy to happen, but the high point this year was merely hearing Robert Pattinson blurt out the F word and slip past the censors.

Who's that girl carrying her Celine Boston Tote?
Who's that girl wearing a Bottega Veneta Crocodile Knot Clutch to the 83rd Academy Awards tonight?
Who's that girl spotted having her black and orange Hermes Birkin carried by her bodyguard?
Who's that girl rocking the witty Giles Deacon Dinosaur Bag from his Spring 2010 collection?

Who’s that girl carrying an ostrich Hermes Birkin walking to the set of her hit TV drama in NYC?

Who’s that girl wearing her Mulberry Alexa bag while strolling in New York City?

Who’s that girl with her Salvatore Ferragamo handbag?