Versace Metallic Monogram BagIn the quest for finding something to blog about, lately I’ve frequently sought input in our Purse Forum, just because our ladies have such indisputable tastes for the most sizzling and glamorous bags. Today, for example, PurseFanatic pointed out Kimora Lee’s fabulous white Versace Metallic Monogram Bag with distinct golden features. So distinct in fact, that it was mistaken for an LV… I can’t blame her, it does have a certain resemblance with the LV Speedy, the side lock looks like it may have been inspired by LV as well.

Halle Berry for VersaceWe knew Donatella Versace had picked Halle Berry to star in the next Versace campaign but we could hardly have expected her to look this good. Photographed by Mario Testino in LA for the spring/summer 2006 ads, the Oscar winning actress follows Madonna and Demi Moore in becoming the face of the label and Donatella’s new best friend. “I have always chosen inspirational women to represent Versace,” says the Italian designer.

Versace Orchid and Shell Print ClutchMany of you may have realized that I sure do have a thing for clutches. I can’t get enough. Because spring is in the air (it really is not, but let’s all pretend), Versace has presented us with florals to warm up our hearts. The Versace Orchid and Shell Print Clutch is edgy, fun, and daring. With a fuchsia polka dot pattern as the background, this clutch is dazzled with vibrant colored orchids and swirly shell patterns and is trimmed in natural cowhide.

Versace Velvet Biker BagI can’t say I own anything by Versace. But since I was little my dad always took us down to South Beach to eat at News Room Cafe and other places right next to Versace’s house (ah yes before he was murdered), I always was intrigued by the man. Maybe it was because he had the only house on Ocean Drive which was a beautiful mansion, maybe it was because of how put together he looked the one time I saw him in person at the News Room Cafe, or just because of the reputation associated with his name.

Versace Velvet Show BagToday is obviously the day of showy bags. Probably a bit too much for most of you to handle. I feel like if these bags all got together and went to a party, when the disco ball would shine on them the light would blind the room. Wonder if I am making any of you feel that way with my metallic/python/gold/striped bag day today.

Versace Safety PinI’m lost. There are some things designed in this world that just don’t make sense to me. I am not claiming to be the ‘all-knowing’ fashion goddess, but I think I know a little bit about it (ok a lot :-)). But this, this has me really groveling at it. Versace is known for being one of the leading high end fashion designers.

Versace HandbagUsually people connect Versace with ridiculous, over-the-edge and pomptuous glam. Not so Versace’s new Large Monogram Buckle Bag. The tote comes along with a very sophisticated shine that indicates luxurious refinement. A colorful satin-finished monogram twill is paired with smooth, dark brown leather and polished golden ornaments, while the spacious interior is held in luscious silk. Delicious! Polished golden metal hardware adds blends in very nicely with its appearance, and the signature Medusa medallion on the front flap does not leave anyone in doubt that the bag is indeed a true Versace at heart.

Versace Large Corset Laced Show BagMy mom is the “Leave it to Beaver” mother, she is Mrs. Cleaver. This is not a bad thing at all; I love my mom more than anything in world. When I was younger my mom used to try to teach me so many things she was so skilled at, and one of them was sewing. My mom actually used to make her clothes.

Versace Snap Out Of It HandbagDidn’t your mother ever tell you to “Snap out of it!”? Well sorry all you mothers, there is nothing about this Versace bag that makes us want to do anything but stare. Versace has always been known for its nearly unattainable glam, and this bag follows those standards. If someone loves you enough to let you dish out over $1300, you better believe you will be receiving all the eyes and attention there is to be given.

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