Versace Safety PinI’m lost. There are some things designed in this world that just don’t make sense to me. I am not claiming to be the ‘all-knowing’ fashion goddess, but I think I know a little bit about it (ok a lot :-)). But this, this has me really groveling at it. Versace is known for being one of the leading high end fashion designers. It is lovely that they make jewelry. I like jewelry. But who would pay $298 for a safety pin? Any of you? The Versace Safety Pin is made of polished gold metal (notice not solid gold) and shows off dangling charm letters that spell out V-E-R-S-A-C-E. Keep in mind the crystal rhinestones are not on the letters R-A-C. Hum, rac- is there any deeper meaning there? Jk guys.

The eLuxury website, where it is available for $298 (might as well just add the $2 to make it $300) says this:

In signature ultra-glam style, Versace’s oversized safety pin glimmers with jewel-cut crystals on polished gold metal. Rhinestone-encrusted letter charms dangle from the pin spelling Versace, creating a glittering accessory that celebrates extravagant style.

What is there to be celebrating? Maybe the birth of your new child who you would like to use this safety pin on his or her diaper to keep it together. Lovely use of money. I guess my biggest problem is where would you put this thing? Possibly on a black bag and use this to accessorize, but wouldn’t each person that looked at the bag and the pin think to themselves, ‘What are they trying to prove??’ So now I’m asking all of you what you think, I’m really curious to know.


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