Versace Safety PinI’m lost. There are some things designed in this world that just don’t make sense to me. I am not claiming to be the ‘all-knowing’ fashion goddess, but I think I know a little bit about it (ok a lot :-)). But this, this has me really groveling at it. Versace is known for being one of the leading high end fashion designers. It is lovely that they make jewelry. I like jewelry. But who would pay $298 for a safety pin? Any of you? The Versace Safety Pin is made of polished gold metal (notice not solid gold) and shows off dangling charm letters that spell out V-E-R-S-A-C-E. Keep in mind the crystal rhinestones are not on the letters R-A-C. Hum, rac- is there any deeper meaning there? Jk guys.

The eLuxury website, where it is available for $298 (might as well just add the $2 to make it $300) says this:

In signature ultra-glam style, Versace’s oversized safety pin glimmers with jewel-cut crystals on polished gold metal. Rhinestone-encrusted letter charms dangle from the pin spelling Versace, creating a glittering accessory that celebrates extravagant style.

What is there to be celebrating? Maybe the birth of your new child who you would like to use this safety pin on his or her diaper to keep it together. Lovely use of money. I guess my biggest problem is where would you put this thing? Possibly on a black bag and use this to accessorize, but wouldn’t each person that looked at the bag and the pin think to themselves, ‘What are they trying to prove??’ So now I’m asking all of you what you think, I’m really curious to know.

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  • Lisa

    Well maybe pinned to the right blue jean jacket…..

  • sophie

    If I am going to pay 300 bones for a safety pin, it better be solid gold and diamond incrusted! None of this “rhinestone, polished gold metal” business.

  • billyjoe

    ya! so agree with you sophie
    it better be solid gold or else…

  • Roy

    I don’t care if the diamonds were real, or was solid gold..It’s still a damn safety pin! I don’t care if it is Versace…it’s gotta make sense and be able to contribute to the ‘look’ I am going for…and unless I’m putting it on my baby’s diaper…it’s not going to making it into my collection any time soon!


  • Amanda

    it looks like one of those pins u put on baby diapers….just cuz it has rhinestones and it says versace,DOESNT MEAN IT FASHION!

  • Maria

    This pin was obviously created for people I like to call “mass consumers”. These are the people who drive Hummers and take 30 minutes at the gas station to fill up their giant tank, which will need refilling in about 5 hours anyway. They want everyone to see that they can afford to take up an entire lane on the highway and still pay for gas. They would likely use that pin to hold together their one of their $500 shirts… or better yet to give to their nanny to pin together their child’s diaper.

  • pinkmink

    I think it’s cute. I just wouldn’t pay $300 for it. If I received it as a gift though I will probably use it some time.

  • muniera

    its a really cute pin. i dont like how they dont put their ‘rhinestones’ on each letter. i would have ‘preferred’ swarowsky if i had the money and power to push for it. lol. it really is a cute pin. but definitely not worth spending my limited money on.

    i think it’d be hilarious to see it in a museum of odd fashion items (if something like that exists)…. it really is something that someone made when they had nothing better to do. LOL

  • Sally

    I have a vintage purse c1960s with a simple huge brass safety pin handle – which opens! Much cleaner than the Versace! Has anyone ever seen one of a similar description? I am trying to find out its providence.
    Thanks Sally

    • jenna

      I have a purse calendar that has a picture of a vintage purse (it says 1950s) by Walkfort with a giant safety pin handle. Perhaps this is similar to your purse? It is alligator skin. It’s beautiful, I want it!

  • Bridget

    Regarding Sally’s safety pin handle bag – is it possible to see a picture of it? I have seen various versions of safety pin handle bags from the 50s/60s and might be able to help you with information. Mainly I have seen ones made by Ingber or Koret but there are others. They are much sought after by purse collectors.

  • Amanda

    I think the pin is cute and I’m sure there’s something it could be used for, but $300? I really don’t understand why it would be $300 for a safety pin just because it’s Versace. It’s still a safety pin and I doubt anyone’s going to see it anyway. I mean, luxuriously priced bags, shoes, jewelry, and other items like that make sense, but a SAFETY PIN? No way.

  • Sunita

    I’d wear it to pin my sari(with the right look) Alternatively to pin a shawl in an interesting way.

  • Juliana

    I think it’s adorable!! I would have to agree with Sunita on the use for this item. Additionally, I am top heavy and am always using safety pins to cover, now I can cover fashionably!!! =) I am looking to purchase 2, just in case one breaks!! ;)

  • Nikkie

    i think it created for the no offence guys but slightly edging more to the ‘daddy’s little girl’ socitey who have a father who’s credit card will buy them anything. i ahve nothing against the pin itself, it looks great, but the common use it would become damaged too easily, and has a ridiculus price tag, maybe if it wasn’t so expensive many more people would puchase it i personally would if it was cheaper. :smile:

  • Sherelle

    I have to admit the pin does look great but $300 come on now who in there right mind would pay that price for a safety pin?!

  • Riss

    Well see i knwo this sounds wierd but safety pins are really big now. put them on your purse, jeans, and some people even use them for eqarrings. I myself love safety pins. of course i’ve had a wierd fetish for them since i was in middle school. I would totally buy this… but thats just me. but my friends agree so he does have some buyers…..
    of course what do we know we’re in highschool.

  • Laura

    This saftey pin is made for those who want to have the luxury bag, without having a luxury bag. A $300 pin can make people think that your $30 purse is a versace purse. So… $330 for a Versace purse that is at least an inch or two real.. what a bargain! :roll:

  • lucie

    :shock: :shock: Think about this realisticly
    Think how cheap this was to make,
    couple of dollars.
    and there selling it for $300
    stupid. :cool:

  • Abbie

    Around the 1970s quite a few fashion designers were creating collections that featured safety pins, chains and slashed holes, Vercase being one of them along with Zandra Rhodes and Vivienne Westwood. This was inspired from the fashion subculture ‘Punk’, which became popular in the 1970s aswell. It was a way of making punk suitable for the rich and famous.

    Hope that helped if anyone still wondered! ive just finished doing an essay on this topic so thought id test my knowledge on what i’ve just learnt.

  • Emo

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  • Naggy

    Okay, so this might be for someone who actually uses safety pins visibly on their clothes or other things. (ipad)

  • KY

    Hmm $300 for a safety pin? (ipad)

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  • Emo

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