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It should shock no one who knows the history of Louis Vuitton that the brand’s luggage is still an enduring, functional favorite of luxury travelers (and plenty of globetrotting celebrities) the world over–after all, the company got its start by building custom travel solutions for European royals and nobility.

Lipault Paris

Sometimes a great brand can be hidden in an international market that’s out of our reach, and that is just the case with Lipault Paris. Lipault has become one of France’s leading luggage brands after being launched by French designer François Lipovetsky in 2005, and until now, its wares were hard to come by in the US.


Over the weekend, I noticed that a particular sort of season had begun on my Facebook and Instagram feeds: friends had kicked off their spring travel, which will eventually lead into summer vacations, all of which will keep bright, slightly filtered photos of oceans and rum cocktails splayed across social media until early September.


It should be obvious to all comers that we think designer bags are great in almost any situation, but they’re not always the thing you want to have on your arm. If you’ve got a surfeit of cash and want to send yourself or your teenager to school with her bags in an Hermès Birkin, far be it from me to tell you not to.


If you’ve tried to buy a weekender recently, there is a sad fact that you know all too well: many of them are dreadfully boring to look at, and the ones that aren’t are often so expensive that you won’t be able to afford to take them on vacation for at least a year.

Vera Bradley Travel Essentials

Vera Bradley is a brand most people are familiar with. While I have a couple Vera Bradley bags for daily use, what I love most from the brand is its travel gear, including large duffle bags, cosmetic cases and beyond.


Everyone’s idea of relaxation is different, which means that there are huge variations in what people expect from their travel gear. Some people want a beach bag that’s essentially just a designer handbag with some raffia worked in so they can sit in a cabana at the Gansevoort in style, and others want something lightweight, inexpensive and durable to fill with snorkeling gear.


Hi Megs and Amanda!

I’ve been looking for the perfect travel tote in the past year or so. I’ve purchased a few that have fared well for business (Michael Kors, Cole Haan, etc.), but finding that perfect carryon tote/bag for vacation or long haul trips has eluded me.


Late in the evening on a Thursday night in February, I snapped. We were smack in the middle of the coldest winter of my life, and I was up late editing a Scandal recap that just didn’t want to fall into place.


People start to get very nervous about “bathing suit season” when the weather starts to turn warm. I think you are all perfect little angel babies just like you are, of course, and if the spring thaw inspires you to leave your houses and move your bodies, then more power to you.

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