Chanel Fall 2014 Ad Campaign 13

If you were expecting Chanel’s Fall 2014 collection to be posed in a Target near you for the brand’s fall ads just because of the supermarket runway show, you were wrong. Karl Lagerfeld has gone in a workout direction for Chanel’s seasonal ads, choosing to focus on the sporty side of the collection (including tons of sneakers) instead of the grocery-themed details. With that in mind, the ads feature brand favorite Cara Delevingne and Binx Walton, a boxing gym and approximately one zillion of Chanel’s pre-fall and fall handbags.

In the ads, Delevingne and Walton perform athletic activities including sprints and push-ups, the later using a handbag as a training weight. They do all of it in immaculate Chanel tweeds, of course, and in sneakers that cost more than the rent on my college apartment. Check out all of the ads below, via FashionGoneRogue.

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  • Abbi

    Im loving the femininity of Chanel against a stereotypically masculine setting and quite different!
    Paid more attention to the clothing than the bags, anyone else do the same?

    (not bad just an observation)

  • Jennifer

    Fitness & Chanel -2 of my favorite things!

  • Mo

    Absolutely love the creative in this shoot! What great photos! (and of course great bags, shoes, and clothes!)

  • BrianG

    One of my fave fall ads so far, especially for accessory lovers! So many times we see an artsy ad i.e. close up of a face, or no accessories which is such a let down. Chanel was spot on this season, love it!

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  • Hasan

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