For the past few years, it seems like Mulberry can do almost no wrong. Despite the fact that I think the Lana Del Rey collaboration is a bit of a misstep, it’s almost like the exception that proves the rule – Mulberry has a very keen sense of what it is that young, chic women want to carry. The Alexa and its success weren’t a fluke; the brand knows its customers.

The latest bag to spring from the Alexa mold is the Mulberry Travel Day Bag, which, despite its name, is not actually a piece of luggage. Instead, it’s another crossbody satchel in the style of the Proenza Schouler PS1, which is a shape that’s earned the company lots of customers and even more money over the past few years. In bright green lizard-embossed leather, it’s a little slice of contemporary accessory perfection.

Embossed leathers usually fall somewhere in the uncanny valley for me, which means that I generally avoid them if possible. I try to keep an open mind for a really good embossing job, though, and this one falls into that category. If the bag had just been bright green, I don’t think I’d feel nearly the attraction for it that I do now, and without the texture, the color variation would look out of place. This design is a case when the embossing adds something instead of just being an unnecessary addition, which is all too rare. Ever since I saw this bag on the runway in September, I’ve been awaiting its arrival. Finally it’s here, and I’m still just as excited as the first time I saw it. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $1750.

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  • susan

    I Love my Alexa and would probably love this if it was a different leather.  Not feeling the Lizard 

    • Louch

      With you there – lizard not happening for me either.

  • Martha

    This is an example of trying to fix something that is not broken.  Leave the Alexa alone….it doesn’t need embellishments!

  •  To me, this bag seems to indicate that Mulberry has run out of ideas. This bag is the Alexa, just with a different middle closure and metal plates on the corners. That’s it.

    And I’m with the other commenters on the leather. I don’t like it. But then again, I’ve always been a solid-color type of girl myself, so I’m not the target for this type of treatment on the leather.

  • Meghan

    Love Mulberry, even though their bags are made in China!!!

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