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Yes! Finally! Thank you, Lanvin. This has been a down season for handbags thus far, at least on the runway. With almost every show that I expect to wow me, I come away a tad disappointed, and I was fearful that the same would happen with Lanvin Spring 2012. Alber Elbaz didn’t let me down, though; he never does. By now, that should be self-evident.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about Lanvin’s bags is that they seem designed to carry things. Yes, that’s right, a designer has deigned to recognize that even our clutches have to be big enough to hold the essentials. The entire collection was clearly designed for a woman who has functional needs from her wardrobe, and the bags reflected that perhaps more than anything else. The fabrication, of course, was immaculate – the leather, sturdy but not inflexible, and the edges as crisp as anything I’ve seen this season.

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  • Sandra

    Beautiful, I love Lanvin and hope to add to my collections this spring.

  • Tiffany

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  • 19yearslater

    Some of these are pretty. I’m not a clutch girl so they aren’t for me, but nice-looking.

  • ninjaninja

    Everything is so beautiful!

  • jennesia

    Nice and sharp..

  • Izzi89

    Lanvin, always beautiful!

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  • Sil

    i agree with you, and i could see myself carrying all of those bags in my everyday life
    and can i say how much i love those metallic looking clutches? cause i did. it was love at first sight <3

  • J Umm

    simple chic, loving the nude coloured clutches

  • Jennifer

    i’m dying to know what that large portfolio clutch at the top of the page is called and where i can get it! i can’t seem to find it anywhere :(

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