Here’s Diane Kruger leaving the gym in West Hollywood. She’s the first celeb that we’ve seen carrying the new Lanvin Sugar Bag, which is brand new for Fall 2014 and a big push for a brand that’s hasn’t really done exceptionally well in the handbag department lately. I actually like this bag a lot, with its supple lambskin leather construction and the very subtle quilt-embossed leather below the flap, but I fear the bag as a whole just isn’t distinctive enough to become the huge hit that the brand likely wants it to be. Nevertheless, it can be pre-ordered in black at Neiman Marcus for $2,190, a pricepoint which seems fairly appropriate.

Diane has quite eclectic tastes in handbags – we rarely see her carrying your standard celeb favorites. She’s more likely to be seen with a Charlotte Olympia clutch, a special edition Proeza Schouler or something from one of the slightly more obscure European fashion houses. She does own a modest amount of Chanel bags, but we haven’t seen her carrying the brand in some time. (Diane is one of Karl Lagerfeld’s many, many celeb muses.) It will be interesting to see how this Lanvin bag tracks, now that Diane has provided an assist with its celeb debut. You can see the majority of Diane’s designer handbag collection in “The Many Bags of Diane Kruger.”

Last week on our sister site TalkShoes, we discussed a pair of Lanvin men’s sneakers that will likely skew a little bit feminine for even open-minded male fashion lovers. In writing the post, it was interesting to examine all the deep-seated assumptions we have about almost every element of fashion and how they relate to perceptions of gender and sexuality. I’m not going to get all grad school on you guys right now (mostly because I’ve not been to grad school), but our choices are a language in which we speak about ourselves, and this Lanvin Iridescent Bag speaks in a different way than those shoes did. (more…)

Here’s actress Sophia Bush, one of our favorite celeb bag lovers, headed to a salon in LA, carrying both a 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target Gusset Tote and a Lanvin Love Pouch. You can snatch up Sophia’s oversized Target tote for the extremely reasonable price of $55 at Target, natch. (It looks like it would make a pretty decent carry-on bag, in a pinch.) You can also get her metallic Lanvin clutch for $508 at Just a slight disparity in prices there.

Sophia carries a great mix of designer It Bags – like this apple green Balenciaga City Bag – and more affordable fare – like this trendy Coach x KRINK Leather Weekend Tote. We’re always excited to see what’s on Sophia’s arm. In fact, methinks she’s probably just a few bags away from her own edition of “The Many Bags of…”.

Here’s Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo, carrying a Lanvin Trilogy Tote in LA. This pebbled Italian leather bag is a fabulous choice for summer – big enough for eight different pairs of sunnies, a giant bottle of sunscreen, a few beach reads, plus all your usual accessories. It’s currently available for $1125 on SSENSE – that’s half off the original retail price!

Ellen is notoriously a bit surly with the paparazzi – I can’t tell if she’s about to give one the finger here, or if she’s just been caught during a rather intense moment of conversation. Also, Grey’s Anatomy is still on the air, somehow. It was just renewed for season 10. Ellen Pompeo hasn’t done any other work since 2005 – nor has she needed to, I imagine!

We’ve known that a serious holographic trend was coming for some time now, but now that a brand as chic and venerable as Lanvin has chosen to embrace the trend in handbag form with the Lanvin Happy Holographic Python Shoulder Bag, we thought it would be worth a second look. The finish is inherently futuristic, but this bag is nothing but ladylike and pretty. If nothing else, Lanvin demonstrates beautifully that holograms are perhaps more versatile than you might have assumed (not to mention, useful for purposes beyond having dead rappers perform at Coachella).

When Proenza Schouler debuted a holographic PS11 for Resort 2013, you guys were split – some loved the look, others thought it looked cheap. Holograms, both leather and python, have gained much more traction in footwear, likely because such a bold finish plays well on a smaller canvas that’s further from the natural line of sight. Most other designers who have gone the handbag route, like Stella McCartney and Celine, have done so with very simple pouch-clutches. This bag, though, offers a much bigger expanse of hologram, not to mention a more complicated design.

So what say you, PurseBloggers? Now that the trend has arrived, will you embrace it, either in bags or shoes?

Buy this bag for $4,240 via Net-a-Porter.

Lanvin’s bag line has already been a bit of a mystery to me. With the beloved Alber Elbaz at the helm and such a strong place within the industry, why doesn’t Lanvin do more with bags? The opportunities are endless, but the brand’s efforts have always seemed a bit limited – nice, but not as good as they could have been. As it turns out, the brand viewed its bags the same way, and months ago, Lanvin announced that it would redouble its efforts to appeal to handbag customers. As if Alber weren’t already near and dear to our hearts.

Lanvin Spring 2013 is the first collection where those changes are being presented to the public, and so far, so good. There’s a large selection of both brights and neutrals, which encompasses both old favorites like the Lanvin Happy Shoulder Bag and new looks like the Lanvin New Partition Shoulder Bag. The collection feels significantly more modern than Lanvin’s bags have in the past, which is great if you like the direction that the industry is headed in (and, of course, not so great if you prefer a softer, more traditional look.) Which one’s your favorite? Check out our picks below or shop the full selection via Neiman Marcus.

Here’s one of my top five starlets-who-can-do-no-wrong, Emma Stone, drenched almost head-to-toe in Lanvin at the LA premiere of her new flick Gangster Squad. Her garnet strapless dress and statement necklace are both Lanvin, and you’ll notice she’s carrying the Lanvin Brass Trim Box Clutch. If you’re going for an Emma-inspired evening look, check out a similar clutch from Lanvin for $2,390 at Luisa Via Roma.

Lanvin has always been one of Emma’s top choices for the red carpet, as has Christian Louboutin – she’s paired the infamous Christian Louboutin Pigalle Pumps with her otherwise entirely Lanvin ensemble. (We’ve seen these neon pumps on practically every starlet worth their salt over on TalkShoes, btw.) You can snag the spiked version of the Pigalle for $1195 at Neiman Marcus.

It’s been a decade since Alber Elbaz joined Lanvin, and since his start the brand has taken a turn for the better. More people recognize Lanvin and consider it a brilliant collection, myself included. To celebrate his first ten years, Lanvin is launching a celebratory capsule collection. The widely recognized Happy Medium bag is a spotlight in the collection, and pictured above is one of the limited edition versions that was just released.

The brand has roots in whimsical glamour, and this bag is no exception. But is it too over the top? This version features a metallic gold woven canvas body with a hand-embroidered heart applique embellished with red crystals. The best way to put words to this bag is turning to you. Buy via Net-A-Porter for $2,590.

Fill in the blank: The Lanvin Happy Medium Metallic Canvas Shoulder Bag is ____.

I stalk Net-a-Porter’s new arrivals page like a crazy person. Everyone at PurseBlog does – every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning, NAP unleashes upon us a lovely assortment of the best luxury goods you can find on the Internet, ranging from basics like cashmere sweaters to not-so-basics like the Lanvin Colorblock Goat Hair Doctor’s Bag, above. And the less basic something is, the more quickly it seems to disappear off of NAP’s metaphorical shelves; by the time I woke up yesterday morning, the quad-colored goat tote above had already been bought up.

If you watch Net-a-Porter closely, you probably won’t be surprised. Last week, several different versions of Meadham Kirchhoff’s crazy faux fur monster-face coats sold out almost as quickly for nearly $7,000 apiece. The more ridiculous and expensive a piece is, the more likely it is to become unavailable at Net-a-Porter before most of the US even wakes up. Why is that? (more…)

Lots of designers talk about their “woman” in abstract terms. The Marc Jacobs woman, for example, enjoys a bit of humor in her wardrobe. The Rick Owens woman wears a lot of black leather and will only date those who subscribe to a similar aesthetic. The Rebecca Minkoff woman has a Tumblr. Who’s the Lanvin woman? Well, she’s right there on the front of the Lanvin Sketches Shopping Bag, of course. (more…)

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