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  • Cathy

    I think it says ‘i was bored’ :)

  • This is unforgiveable!

  • Melody

    I love it

  • FashionableLena

    It’s actually kind of cool. I just don’t know if I would purposely mar leather like that. But a pleather bag? I would take a marker to it.


    I love it…I don’t have a Birkin (and would likely not let him touch it if I did) but I do have a trusty old Kate Spade shopper I’d love to have him personalize

  • abbi

    i actually love it…hermes should collaborate with artists

  • Amanda

    He did it well…….also: can I borrow his dogs???

  • Silversun

    I certainly wouldn’t let him do it on my own Birkin (if I had one), but hey, it’s his bag and he made it look pretty awesome. (Which is more than one can say about Lady Gaga and her spiky stud attempt.)

  • Joanna

    I love it! Very artistic. I would definitely be rocking it if I could afford it :)

  • bir

    i actually feel that adding on to make it personal is cool and rather unique fun and very brave. i have to agree though my only issue is the leather. and sooo i would think twice about a little project like this but i have to say i like the idea of someone being true to their own style !

  • Karin bag4bag

    Brilliant ! The Birkin can be taken too seriously at times. This frees it !

  • Sam L

    I love it! I think it is so fun!

  • thefashionslayer


  • jess

    omg i love this bag… they should come out with some graffiti bags like this very different and fresh

  • sandy

    I can’t wait to have this done to mine (when I get one that is….)

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