Nicola Formichetti Hermes Birkin

Nicola Formichetti is known for a variety of reasons, including his role as the creative director for French fashion house MUGLER and, perhaps most notably, for being the stylist of and a frequent collaborator with Lady Gaga, on both a personal and professional level. In fact, Nicola is not just any guy, he is a jack of many trades, collaborating often and sharing his love of fashion and his style all over the world.

Nicola loves pandas and has a popup shop showcasing his Nicopanda line, which will soon be available online as well. I caught Nicola on Instagram, and I recognized his Hermes Birkin immediately. What I also saw was the way he dressed it up, and by dressed it up I mean he took markers to it to customize it and make it his own. Among his designs, the front of his Hermes bag actually reads “This is Nicopanda” and the back says “This bag is not for you“. Some find taking marker to a $10,000 bag a travesty, but I must say what he did to his bag stays completely on brand with who he is. What do you think of Nico’s Hermes Birkin?

  • Cathy

    I think it says ‘i was bored’ :)

  • Vanessa Williams

    This is unforgiveable!

  • Melody

    I love it

  • FashionableLena

    It’s actually kind of cool. I just don’t know if I would purposely mar leather like that. But a pleather bag? I would take a marker to it.


    I love it…I don’t have a Birkin (and would likely not let him touch it if I did) but I do have a trusty old Kate Spade shopper I’d love to have him personalize

  • abbi

    i actually love it…hermes should collaborate with artists

  • Amanda

    He did it well…….also: can I borrow his dogs???

  • Silversun

    I certainly wouldn’t let him do it on my own Birkin (if I had one), but hey, it’s his bag and he made it look pretty awesome. (Which is more than one can say about Lady Gaga and her spiky stud attempt.)

  • Joanna

    I love it! Very artistic. I would definitely be rocking it if I could afford it :)

  • bir

    i actually feel that adding on to make it personal is cool and rather unique fun and very brave. i have to agree though my only issue is the leather. and sooo i would think twice about a little project like this but i have to say i like the idea of someone being true to their own style !

  • Karin bag4bag

    Brilliant ! The Birkin can be taken too seriously at times. This frees it !

  • Sam L

    I love it! I think it is so fun!

  • thefashionslayer


  • jess

    omg i love this bag… they should come out with some graffiti bags like this very different and fresh

  • sandy

    I can’t wait to have this done to mine (when I get one that is….)

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