Ohh it has hit me. I have a new love and it is this sexy little bag. It has all the makings of a great bag, it is chic and sexy and metallic and I love it! The Lanvin Happy Partage Metallic Lame Bag includes everything that a great handbag should.

Lanvin Happy Partage Metallic Lame Bag

The gunmetal color offers the perfect tinge of metallic which continues to be a must have for a handbag collection. I am feeling at a loss for words, because I just adore this bag. The gold-tone chain and leather shoulder strap gives a shabby chic vibe, that it totally rocking in my book. I just want it. I don’t need it, but I want it. Really badly. It will rock skinnys and a tee during the day and dress up your LBD at night. I attempted to put place myself on a handbag ban, but I could cave for this Lanvin bag. Buy through Net A Porter for $1915.

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  • CHICsetera PARIS

    Feel the need to crack as well!!



    –daily CHIC news from Paris–

  • chickdowntown.com Sara Jayne

    I LOVE the metallic color on this! The details are so great, it would look great with anything!

  • The metallic is PERFECT on this one!!!

  • Jen

    Oh my – that is one terribly chic handbag. So very French and very sharp. I love it! So cute how the Lanvin logo hangs from the top of the bow!

  • charliecat

    So pretty! But sold out on NAP.

  • armbasket

    Bag is perfect! Too bad it’s sold out – anyone know where else to purchase the bag? ty

  • gpc

    Megs, did you get one before they sold out? I had it in the inbox, but had to step away for a while, and alas, it sold out :(

    I had seen this a few days ago and had been thinking about it since until your post.

    Oh well, hopefully it will come back in stock or become available elsewhere. Maybe Barneys – they usually always have a good selection of Lanvin…

  • I didn’t get it!!! GAH! I wanted it so bad. Looks like we sold out NAP. Time to hope it will come back. Most fab bag of the season so far for me!

  • MizzJ

    What a cool, quirky bag! The bow adds the perfect, boho touch that prevents the straps from just being a twist on a Chanel. I so agree that gunmetal color would totally kill against dark denim or black leather pants!

  • Mika

    TDF!! XD

  • Lacey

    I actually like this!

  • Lacey

    & I don’t even like metallic.

  • NZA


  • Mandy

    Ooooh, amazing. This bag is SO not my normal style, but I’m entranced…perfect metallic, perfect style, perfect details. On trend, but not “trendy.” L.O.V.E.

  • dani_twotwo

    this bag kinda reminds me of Chanel. although i do like it, very cute!! :) …would even buy it if it was cheaper.

    but i kinda dislike bags that have the chain on them, even if this one has ribbons on it…i feel like its copping a bit from Chanel. Personally, for me….Chanel has dibs on “the chain”

  • Claire


  • soooooon

    sooooooooooo lovely~

  • Nishita

    This bag is just soo terrific … I prefer it in brown though

  • JLK

    I just got this bag on NAP! (It looks to be sold out again, but looks like they have more stock coming soon)! It is absolutely gorgeous – the metallic is actually laser cut in tiny strips across the bag which offers a very unique, (but more delicate) texture! The chain is a bit heavier than expected, but the straps are very comfortable. Can’t wait to take her out!

  • Kendra

    I’m crazy about this bag! (fb)

  • Ellen

    I don’t usually love metallic bags, but the color is really perfect for this bag. (ipad)

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