Brahmin Rosemary HandbagOn with Viewer’s Choice Tuesday, we have a designer never spoken about here. Let’s all give a round of applause to Brahmin Leather Works! Hopefully we can all find something that meets our fancy on their site. Swetha, yet one more loyal reader and poster on the forum, would love for us to feature the Brahmin Rosemary Bag in Toasted Almond. Swetha said: “I was at Bloomingdales the other day and saw the bags there and positively loved the bags. The leather is absolutely gorgeous and it feels amazing. I really like the ROSEMARY design (esp. the tricolor) and the toasted almond.” The color of this bag is truly gorgeous, although the name is frightening. I suppose I am frightened because I am allergic to almonds, but the name is still clever. Actually, to me this bag strongly resembles the Alexander McQueen Novak , in a much more affordable form. This bag is actually a backpack with adjustable shoulder straps. There are also some pockets for anything you may need to store in there; cell phone pocket and two organizer pockets. The overall dimensions are 11 x 11.25 x 4.25. While I’m not looking for a backpack, possibly some of you ladies are! This bag is on sale via Brahmin for $290.

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