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Amanda's Wish List 2013

Normally, by this time of year, there are a million things I want. Sale season is in full swing, my trigger finger is itchy in anticipation of second markdowns, everything on the shopping front is grand.

Gifts For Mom

Getting a gift for your mom can be tricky, no matter her age. You want to carefully straddle the line between luxury and practicality; I don’t know any moms who aren’t busy (my mom, who is retired and has two grown children, still never picks up her cell phone because she’s always out and about), and I also don’t know any who couldn’t use a little bit of a treat.


When we think Gucci, we think of fabulous Italian style, best-of-the-best exotic handbags and leather goods with a rich historical context. All of this continues Gucci’s iconic tradition, which is why giving the gift of Gucci will leave anyone jumping for joy.

Best Gifts Under 100

We’ve looked at budget-friendly gift ideas under $500 and under $250, and now we’re down the budget-friendliest of them all: gifts under $100. Whether your wallet is feeling a little tight this season or you simply have too many friends and loved ones to lavish something extravagant on all of them, these gifts pack a lot of value into their relatively small price tags.

Best Gifts Under $250

As much fantasy gifts are fun to look at and think about, the reality for most people, even most luxury customers, is that we’ve all got a budget to stick to. In keeping with that idea, we’ve constructed a series of price-tiered gift guides to make shopping with your checkbook in mind just a bit easier.

PurseBlog Holiday 2013 Gift Guides

Gift guides are probably coming fast and furious at you from all corners of the Internet lately, and we’re here to try and make it simpler to find gift inspiration, place your orders and cross a couple more holiday tasks off your list.

Nordstrom Handbag and Accessories Gift Guide

We’ve spent a lot of time in the past couple of weeks searching high and low for the best handbags and accessories to give and receive, and because of that, we can say with confidence that you’ll scarcely find a better accessories gift selection then that at Nordstrom.

Best Gifts Under 500

The holidays get very expensive very quickly. Not only are there gifts to buy, but there are parties (both to attend and to throw), holiday dinners, travel expenses and a whole other hosts of costs that go along with a celebration.

Ultimate Bag Gift Guide

There are a few obvious bag gifts every holiday season. After all, who wouldn’t want a classic Chanel or Hermes bag, if one were an option? Beyond just the obvious choices, though, there’s a whole, wide world of potential handbag gifts out there, spread among a variety of price ranges and for nearly everyone on your list.

Beauty Gift Guide

As much as we’d like to give everyone a handbag for the holidays (and we really, really would), that’s just not an idea that’s within our budgets this year. Makeup, skincare and haircare, on the other hand, are a much more price-flexible gift idea; a $30 eyeshadow palette is delightful, but so is a $600 set of Tom Ford lipsticks.

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