Hannukah Gifts

No matter how you spell it – Chanukah, Hanukka or Hanuka – the holiday is fast approaching. I was raised in a Jewish home where we definitely did not celebrate Christmas, and my parents consoled me with the concept that we got eight days of presents and I resigned myself to a lack of Christmas tree.

Holiday Gift Guide 2012 Trendy Gifts

We’ve planned out a lot of gift guides to help you sort out all of your holiday shopping, but this one is a personal favorite. For those who have everything but are always on top of the latest and greatest in the fashion world and beyond, our Trendy Gift Guide is the place to figure out exactly what it is they’re craving.

Tech Gifts

Once upon a time, people who loved technology and gadgets were considered geeks. It’s weird to think about just how recently that era was, particularly since the general public now sits in rapt attention whenever Apple unveils a new product in California.

Gifts under $100

Despite the fact that we often talk about the most expensive accessories on the face of the planet, everyone on the PurseBlog team finds great pleasure in well-priced pieces as well. That’s especially true around the holidays, when we want to spread as much cheer as we can to our friends and families.

Gifts for Dad

If your dad is anything like mine, he’s a little hard to shop for. Not only does he generally tend to buy whatever he wants for himself before anyone gets the opportunity to give it to him, but he’s retired, so I can’t fall back on reliable gifts like ties, cufflinks or interesting pieces for his desk or office.

Holiday Gift Guides 2012

We are so thrilled to bring you the PurseBlog Holiday Gift Guides for 2012! Our team has been working hard for weeks to be able to plan every gift guide you could want to help you get through the shopping season.

gifts for mom

The gift guides are just going to keep on coming! Today we put together the best gifts for mom, who is always a tricky person to shop for. I always begin thinking about what I will get my mother for the holidays extra early, not because she is difficult, but because I really want to find the perfect gift for her.

Holiday Hostess Gifts

Typically, Monday morning means the start of a new week, and while it still means that today, this week there’s much more added pressure: it’s Thanksgiving week. While I am pretty excited to be celebrating Thanksgiving and eating until my expandable pants won’t expand any more, I am also ready to officially kick off the holiday season with our annual gift guides.

November Birthday Gift Guide Citrine Handbags

This is probably the fastest moving year of my life or so it seems. November has arrived and that means the Holidays are upon us. Every month I feel like I say the same thing, but really, how did this happen?

October Birthday Gift Guide Opal Handbags

Hey October babies, this is your month! And here I am trying to put together the best opal bags as birthday ideas, but it’s tough. Really tough. Opal is a stone that changes color in light and glimmers and shines non-stop, which makes finding any type of handbag to coincide quite difficult.