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  • The captions are hilarious! Thanks Amanda for this and your other posts all year. Purseblog is my daily addiction

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it, and thank you!!

  • Gigi

    Wow! People sure will buy ridiculous things given the chance :) I’ll gladly take that Saint Laurent cape

  • laura

    The only thing I would take is the “Extremely F’ing Pink” bag. Your captions are hilarious, thanks for the laugh :)

  • Yo Momma

    waste of money. I rather save that money for a vacation next year or buy a new car, or a house.

  • Sparky

    Love the earrings and the watch. The only thing I find really weird is the arcade game. Leather???? eeew

  • Smithy

    Your commentary made me laugh.

  • Glass house is looking good, I want to stay in that

  • Looking nice, Costing high

  • All are looking awesome

  • Maya

    Dennis Hopper’s record collection is my fave!!

  • Jess

    Haha, these captions made my day. Gorgeous!

  • kemilia

    I LOVE the earrings, and I can definitely see Lisa Vanderpump wearing that heart-shaped cape–if it were pink.

    And I remember the days (nights, really) standing at a Ms Pacman game until all my quarters were gone–standing vs. sitting worked for me. Thank you for your wonderful captions!

  • Aileen Diaz

    No one of this stuff worth the money. Most of them I don’t even understand what they are ?. I love your comment for the Dior watch, I was thinking the same. I’m glad this purseblog exist is really the best.

  • Firdaus Hilmy

    I read “Philip Johnson’s Glass House = $38,000”. What? That’s cheap.
    Then I noticed “Overnight Stay”.

  • Allie G

    “a Honda Civic slipping off one of my ears at a party” and “Extremely F’ing Pink”. Ha HA!

  • Jerri R

    disturbing how many minks were killed to make that blanket omg