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We write about very expensive things with great regularity around here, so, to a certain extent, we’re all desensitized when it comes to expensive consumer goods. It’s hard to shock us, but when we started hunting for items to include in our annual gift guide series, it became clear that retailers have really upped the ante when it comes to gifts so expensive that they make you go cross-eyed.

Gifts for Mom 2014

Look, here’s the thing: the best advice I can give you on getting a gift for your mom, or for the moms around you, is that you should just buy them the nicest thing that you can afford and that you think they will enjoy.

2014 Gift Guide: Gifts for the Hostess

The Holiday season is fast approaching, and we’ve already kicked off the most frenzied shopping season of year with a guide full of gifts to get you started. Now I’m here to help you out when it comes to gifting the hostess, whether it’s for Thanksgiving, a holiday party or a Christmas stay with your in-laws.

Getting Started Gift Guide

As soon as Halloween passed, we started getting emails from brands and retailers about their newly unveiled gift selections. It seemed early, but a quick look at the calendar explained why: Thanksgiving is late this year, so if shoppers wait as long to shop as they might normally, things are going to be a bit tight for all involved.

Mothers Day Gift Guide

Seriously, words could never explain just how much my mom means to me. My mother is simply amazing, and I feel incredibly lucky to have such an amazing woman as my mother. I’m not alone in this feeling, and celebrating our mothers for just one day will never be enough.

Megs' Wish List For Christmas

The late Thanksgiving went and messed up everyone’s holiday season, from interfering with Hanukah to making the shopping season quite a bit shorter. However, Christmas is on our doorstep and I have a wish list that would make both Santa and my loved ones absolutely cringe.

Last Minute Gifts

In most areas of my life (although, for some reason, not at work?), I’m an unrepentant procrastinator. Why do today what I can put off until tomorrow, especially when the tasks I’m putting off are stressful or tedious and my other options (Netflix, brunch, napping) are fun and relaxing?

gift for the in laws

Let’s be honest: whether you get along with your in-laws or not, shopping for them is hard. Do you pick something that just makes sense for the woman of the house, since women are usually in charge of the gift-buying and exchanging, or do you try to find something to make the man of the house happy as well?

The Best Tech Gifts

Even for the most fashion-obsessed consumers, holiday treats tend to include at least a couple of tech gifts. The latest iPhone is as much of a luxury accessory as the latest handbag, and fashion companies are here to help you accessories your iPads, iPhone and laptops in style.

Trendy Gifts

We all have that one friend who obsessively reads fashion mags, has a Feedly full of personal style blogs and keeps track of every trend, no matter how minute. (If you don’t think you have a friend like this, then it’s probably you.) Those girls and women can be particularly hard to shop for because their ideas of what they want to wear and carry are very specific, and if you’re not paying as close attention as they are, you’re probably not on the same wavelength.

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