Everyone has that friend. THAT friend. The one who shows up to a casual brunch wearing things that you wouldn’t even know where to buy, for better or for worse. Sometimes that friend is impossibly chic, other times that friend is impossibly embarrassing. Usually, though, she’s somewhere in the middle, with moments of both sartorial brilliance and insanity that make her utterly irreplaceable.

Whether the eccentric in your life is your nutty mom, wacky aunt or a quirky friend, odds are that you might be a little bit stumped about what to get her for Christmas. Fret not; I’ve accessed my inner (or not-so-inner, if we’re having a day of honesty) weirdo to round up some of the best luxury accessories that you can give to that person in your life. If you’ve made it that far and can’t think of anyone who fits that description in your circle, it’s probably you. In that case, here’s a list of stuff you’ll probably like.

Not to create a panic or anything, but Christmas shopping season (online, at least) is almost over. The whole gang here at PurseBlog has spent the past month scouring the web for the best and most giftable (that’s not a word, but we’re going to call it a word for now, ok?) items for people who love luxury accessories as much as we do. Naturally, in the course of all that searching, we’ve come across some stuff that we wouldn’t mind finding under our own trees.

Megs and I will both be sharing our personal holiday wish lists with you, and I’m up first. Below, you’ll find a selection of the things I’d most love to receive this Christmas, or, alternately, a good start on your PurseBlog Amanda costume for next Halloween. If I remind you of your niece or someone, well, now you know what to get her. (If you don’t like her that much, proceed directly to the lipstick portion of this guide. It’s the least expensive thing on the list.)

As the sole member of the PurseBlog team with pets of my very own (two dogs), it was only natural that I was nominated to curate our guide filled with the best gifts for the pet lover. According to PetFinder.com, over 60% of dog owners will buy their pets a Christmas gift. (Hear that Megs? I’M NOT WEIRD!!) Whether you are planning on actually giving gifts to your pets or to someone who’s just obsessed with her pets, we’ve got you covered.

As much as we try to be nice around here, sometimes, we can’t help but let a little naughtiness seep in. You’ve probably had a similar feeling at some point this holiday season – when charged with buying a gift for someone who you just don’t really like, don’t you wish you could satisfy your baser urges and buy him or her something to subtly telegraph your displeasure? Be honest. We know you’re not that nice.

And neither are we! We’ve spent several weeks detailing great gift ideas for the people on your list who you love (or at least like), but now we’ve got a few funny ideas for people who you don’t. From subtly passive-aggressive to flat-out mean, here’s how we’d indulge our harsher feelings this holiday season.

I’m one of those people who absolutely adores shopping for others, especially Vlad. He and I have been together for almost 10 years, and every holiday season, I extensively plan precisely what I’ll get him. We already put together a list of the perfect gifts for dad, but if you’re still looking for a gift for the man in your life, we’ve got you covered.

It wass fairly hard for me to put this gift guide together because, you know, Vlad reads the site. Still, I was able to put together a collection of great gifts that I’ve given him in the past that he continues to use. As much as shopping for the man in your life can be hard at times, it doesn’t have to be – take a look our picks and leave the dude you love smiling this holiday season.

The holidays bring joy and cheer along with a heaping helping of stress. Let’s just be honest, holiday drama with families and friends alike happens every season. It doesn’t mean we love those people less, but there’s just something about preparing for the most wonderful time of the year that can create conflict. Dealing with a significant other’s family can be particularly tricky; I think everyone I know who has in-laws has at least one story to tell, even if you love them dearly.

I find shopping for in-laws entirely difficult. You always want to keep your spouse’s parents happy, but sometimes it’s hard. From truly thoughtful gifts to those that poke fun at the difficulties in-laws sometimes bring, we’ve got some suggestions that encompass a little bit of everything when it comes to shopping for the in-laws. Whether you’ve been married for years or just started dating, you’re going to want to check out our slideshow.

When it comes to luxury shopping, the Internet can be both a blessing and a curse. Quick, expanded access to lots of covetable items is a great thing to have, but everyone in the US is so used to shopping at the same few luxury department stores that the best items can disappear quickly, never to return. Boutiques (especially those in Europe) have a better selection of interesting, highly sought pieces, but many boutiques don’t have much of a web presence. That’s where farfetch.com comes in.

Farfetch.com connects luxury boutiques both in the US and worldwide with the shoppers who crave the designer pieces in their stores. Not only do you get the benefit of an incredibly diverse selection from boutiques all over the world, but farfetch.com takes the guesswork out of buying from a store overseas – all duties and taxes are included in the price you pay on the site. Another benefit? Buying from farfetch.com’s European boutiques often means paying European prices, which are generally better for French and Italian brands. To get your started, we’ve assembled a guide to some of the best designer gift picks that farfetch.com offers. Check them out below or head directly to farfetch.com to shop the site’s full selection!

Despite being in the thick of the holiday season, we haven’t forgotten what’s really important: bags. During the holidays, bags are perhaps even more important, because nothing makes a better gift. (So says us. We may be biased. Or kidding. Or both! You decide.) Really, though, if you want to give a great gift or point a very generous gift-giver in the right direction for you, we’ve taken the liberty of rounding up the season’s absolute best possible handbag gifts.

Some of them are an incredible longshot unless you’re already a VIP customer (ahem, croc Birkin), but we think some of the others might surprise you or those who shop for you. If money was no object and we could build our perfect handbag wardrobe this holiday season, these are the things we’d buy.

It’s the last month of the year, and that means the last round of birthdays for 2012 as well. I have many friends who celebrate their birthdays in December (including our very own Amanda) and I’ve always admired their birthstone, blue topaz, because it’s feminine and looks good on everyone. The light blue stone shines in the sun but stands brilliantly on its own as well. A blue handbag always comes in handy, and unlike the deep blue from September, this color is sky blue or Caribbean Ocean blue, which takes me away right when I lay eyes on it.

Happy Birthday December babies, we hope you had a great year and enjoy your birthday month. For your birthday gift guide, we rounded up nine of the best blue topaz handbags to help you celebrate.

Let’s be honest, holiday shopping for some of our family and friends is tricky. We all have those people on our lists who are hard to shop for, either because they own so much already or they’re very picky. We’ve been telling you about our love of ALLSAINTS recently, and if you are looking for a gift to give, from the easy-to-shop-for to the more difficult people on your list, ALLSAINTS has something for everyone.

If you want to give clothing for a holiday gift, give something that will work for tons of occasions and can easily become a wardrobe must-have. Handbags, shoes, and jewelry are always welcomed as well. You may be wondering where to start, but we’ve got you covered. From stocking stuffers, to a classic black leather jacket, to clothing anyone would love, ALLSAINTS should be one of your stops this holiday season.

Jackson Folio Clutch
$195 via ALLSAINTS

Everyone needs a little animal print in their accessories collection, and I love the rugged-meets-hippie vibe on the Jackson Folio Clutch. A sleek design with a foldover top, this clutch will be well received by those with massive handbag collections and those just beginning theirs alike.

Itat Shrug
$120 via ALLSAINTS

Dear family and friends, I want this Itat Shrug, really badly. Shrugs are integral in my wardrobe, as they are easy to wear with nearly anything and help keep me warm. On top of it, this is a travel essential (and a great gift).

Monolith Boot
$275 via ALLSAINTS

If you know the shoe size of the person you are gifting, add a chic bootie to their collection. ALLSAINTS always has great boots, but these wedged Monolith Boots will work so well with winter wardrobes.

Walker Leather Biker Jacket
$550 via ALLSAINTS

Everyone needs an awesome black leather jacket in their closet. Once you find the perfect one, it’ll get more use than you ever imagined. ALLSAINTS is the place to look for leather jackets, and my choice goes to the Walker Leather Biker Jacket, a totally rock-and-roll-cool piece.

Teague Pendant Necklace
$145 via ALLSAINTS

This necklace looks a bit like a robot and I totally dig it. Whether your style is super fashion-forward or more demure, a stand out jewelry piece will always work, and I advise the Teague Pendant Necklace.

Restrain Dress
$365 via ALLSAINTS

With the holidays upon us, that also means tons of parties where we all wear our finest. I am all about holiday fun and what is more fun than a sequin dress like the Restrain Dress from ALLSAINTS? (And I’d pair it with the black leather jacket from above)

Bolshevik Pochette

This Bolshevik Pochette is fun; right when you lay eyes on it you totally want to touch it. The price is under $100, and this will be a great piece for younger girls or those that need something to carry their essentials for a night on the town.

Galaxy Scoop Hem Pullover
$135 via ALLSAINTS

Comfortable and stylish, this is a wear-anytime and wear-all-the-time piece. Whether pairing it with jeans or leather leggings, the Galaxy Scoop Hem Pullover is simply stunning.

Galaxy Flex Beanie

Give a gift that will help keep warm, the Galaxy Flex Beanie. I live in beanies come winter, and this slight purple hue will stand out against dark and light hair alike.

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