Pamella DeVos' Collection of 75 Fendi Baguettes (2)

Around these parts, there’s nothing we love better than a good bag collection. (Ok, maybe we love a good sale more, but most of the sales are over for the season, so there’s no use crying about it, ok?) The psychological nature of collection is such that people who are moved to amass giant assortments of things usually pick something very particular on which to fixate, and in the case of Pamella DeVos, that lust object is the iconic Fendi Baguette.

T, the New York Times style magazine, recently profiled DeVos (who designs her own line under the name Pamella Roland) and gave us all an inside look at her assortment of 75 Fendi Baguettes. She says that the obsession started because her New York boutique is situated near Fendi’s own flagship, and apparently things spiraled from there. You can check out the full interview and all the photos (taken by America’s Next Top Model‘s own ex-noted fashion photographer Nigel Barker) at T, check out our favorite photos from the shoot after the jump or shop Fendi bags via Neiman Marcus.

  • Sbarb005

    wow the beaded black is so cute

  • jeweliette23

    Gorgeous!  These baguettes are too wild for my tastes, but I think they’re like works of art in themselves.  

  • Laus

    Some of these are really ugly. I’ve never really liked the Baguette, to be honest.

  • Rashida

    I wish we could see more!

  • Dee

    This lady is awesome! She inspires me!

  • crazybaglady

    It’s quite an impressive collection; thanks for sharing this!

  • shueaddict

    I am taking a wild guess here and think this little display costed her around 120k $ ? It looks just gorgeous, sure enough. My mind screams WHY ?  I guess I’ll have to read the interview.

    I have one baguette, simple brick color leather – it never gets old.

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