Fendi Fall 2014 Handbags 25

After two seasons in a row of furry, futuristic, ultra-covetable wildness from the brand, Fendi’s Fall 2014 Handbags are a bit of a step back toward simplification, if only a small one. There’s a bit less fur, fewer textural embellishments and not as many colors residing on a single purse, but there’s still the signature Fendi look that Karl Lagerfeld has taken care to develop over the past few years.

Fendi fans will automatically recognize both the Peekaboo and the 3Jours bags, both of which debuted for fall in new iterations that include details like fur handles and aggressively industrial metal trim, but the bags that dominated the Fendi runway were overwhelmingly small, squat, squarish and, dare I say, highly reminiscent of Hermes, with their leather-cloaked keys, short handles a la the Kelly Longue and traditionally French detailing. The bags were show as hand-helds on the runway, but I suspect they’ll come with removable shoulder straps at retail; if not, they might be a tough sell.

[Images via Vogue.com]

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  • kindled

    I am so very much not a fan of the ones that look like they have crocodile tails hanging off of them.

  • Anjum Hameed

    I love all the bags!!..what a great bunch!..next bag a Fendi inshallah!!…

  • KN

    Why is lagerfeld so amazing??
    Love them! all…

  • Amina

    Amazing collections, <3 the croc cuffs and croc tails on the bags…amazing!!!

  • Bo

    Silvia Venturini Fendi, designs the accessories for Fendi, not Lagerfeld. He just designs the clothes…

  • Lilly

    Love and want them all, specially the three orange ones.

  • Natalie

    While I like the look of cutout handles, they wouldn’t hold well when bag is heavy. Not practical, just beautiful. But I need both in my bag, so I’ll pass

  • ahsnyc

    no 2jours?

  • Paula

    Why now all designer bags have the “wings” that Celine Luggage made it popular???? It’s getting tired…..No originality anymore!!! Boooo

  • http://batman-news.com Platinumdoll

    Oh My…that grey Fendi bag is the BOMB DIGGITY! You don’t see a grey bag that has a lot of style such as this Fendi one above. Love it!

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