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  • kindled

    I am so very much not a fan of the ones that look like they have crocodile tails hanging off of them.

  • Anjum Hameed

    I love all the bags!!..what a great bunch! bag a Fendi inshallah!!…

  • KN

    Why is lagerfeld so amazing??
    Love them! all…

  • Amina

    Amazing collections, <3 the croc cuffs and croc tails on the bags…amazing!!!

  • Bo

    Silvia Venturini Fendi, designs the accessories for Fendi, not Lagerfeld. He just designs the clothes…

  • Lilly

    Love and want them all, specially the three orange ones.

  • Natalie

    While I like the look of cutout handles, they wouldn’t hold well when bag is heavy. Not practical, just beautiful. But I need both in my bag, so I’ll pass

  • ahsnyc

    no 2jours?

  • Paula

    Why now all designer bags have the “wings” that Celine Luggage made it popular???? It’s getting tired…..No originality anymore!!! Boooo

  • Oh My…that grey Fendi bag is the BOMB DIGGITY! You don’t see a grey bag that has a lot of style such as this Fendi one above. Love it!


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