pegasus_handbag.jpgGreek mythology was never my thing. There were a few stories I always remembered, but other than that I could never tell all the different God’s and Goddesses apart. However, a slight few stuck in my mind and memory. Pegasus is one of them. Pegasus is known as the “Thundering Horse of Jove” and was a winged horse that was fathered by Poseidon with Medusa. Lesson in Greek mythology ends here! The Blush B-Lush Evening Pegasus Handbag sports Pegasus detail on the front flap on top of the topaz leather body. There is a woven handle and an interior zip compartment. Overall, the bag measures 10″L x 5″H and is on sale at ShopBop for $171.50.

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  • Elana

    I like it- very different!

  • Naggy

    I don’t care for it at all. (ipad)

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