Clutches at the 2013 Grammy Awards

By my estimation, the Grammy Awards awlays have the weirdest red carpet of all the major awards shows, and the 2013 Grammy Awards went on to uphold that tradition in spite of some odd dress code restrictions placed on attendees by the fun-haters at CBS. Plenty of people found ways to skirt those restrictions (ahem, J.Lo), but thankfully, none of the rules but any kind of limits on handbags.

For reasons I don’t entirely understand, though, a lot of celebs at Sunday night’s ceremony tossed their bags to their handlers before taking to the red carpet for photos. That’s a little bit lame, but it didn’t stop us from sifting through all of the paparazzi pics and picking out a few stars with some truly noteworthy evening bags to highlight. (Speaking of noteworthy – based on the pictures, it would seem that I am more famous than at least 30% of the people who attended the Grammys, which makes me wonder whether my invitation might have gotten lost in the mail.)

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  • Camila

    The last clutch is the Christian Louboutin Cleo Clutch.

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