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  • Lorie

    You know, if I had to choose between a Birkin and a classic Chanel bag, I would always choose the Chanel. It’s just so timeless and so elegant.

  • Dawne at D Magazine

    Pretty sure I NEED at least two of those!  (:^)

    • Camden

       We have this bag in stock

  • ????


  • Gloria

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  • Peha

    I like both, Chanel and Birkin. They are both classics!

  • Marissa Cooper

    OMG Lovin’ the Boy bag with rose strap!!

  • designer imitation bags

    Not a must have

  • huanghai001

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  • Bridget

    Oh wow, love those silver totes on page 7 and the gold flap on page 9!

  • KimLovesVintage

    I love this purse, especially the green trim and the enbroidered strap, I am afraid to ask the price??

  • converse all star

    Are they real chanel bags?

  • Bahya

    how much may I ask???

    • mensah prince

       hw much is chanel cruise 2013-2-300by199 selling  in de market?

    • mensah prince

       hw much is chanel cruise 2013-2-300by199 selling  in de market?

  • vicky

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