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  • Joshua

    I am in love with the “Boy” messengers that they held as clutches!

    • LillyBel

      My favorite was the blue held as a clutch too!! It gives the bag more versatility and something different!

  • Sandra

    Ok, for you small bag lovers out there…I can see why you might love Chanel. I however really like to take all of the things I need with me when I go somewhere (with of course the exception of a formal event). The bags that Chanel offers that actually hold wallet, sunglasses, cosmetic bag etc….are usually disappointing….and this is no exception.

  • Miki

    Is it just me or do the bags with the U-shaped handles look like toilet paper holders?!

    • NB81283

      I think we know where they came up with that idea:-) Completely awful in my opinion!

  • Lori

    They just look tired to me.

  • Thom

    People are on crack! This show was hot hot hot.

  • Sriya

    Where can I get the Chanel lego clutch as in which city is it available is it available in London

  • Sriya

    Pls let me know as I just love the Chanel Lego clutch

  • Visual Therapy

    Love this! We just got back from Paris, and the Chanel show was pure magic. Thought you’d like some inspiration:

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