Chanel Bags and Accessories for Spring 2014

You can never have too much Chanel in your life, and while we gave you our own look at some of the Chanel Cruise Bags, we now have a preview of the colorful Chanel Spring 2014 collection.

When the collection hit the runway in September, the art theme was evident everywhere from the show’s gallery-inspired show set to the collection on the runway. When it’s all together, a full look can feel a little too much like an art project, but when you take the accessories out of the show, they feel like they have an entirely new meaning. Ss colorful as they were on the runway, the bags stand out because of their classic nods to the brand’s signature details, but with a fresh touch. I was absolutely smitten with the ombre Chanel Boy Bags and found myself enthralled with the sequin Chanel Classic Flap. There were colors abundant, along with entirely kitschy portfolios and, of course, the highly editorial Chanel Backpack.

The good news is we have tons of photos so you can begin planning what you want from the Chanel Spring 2014 collection, and we’ll update this post with pricing information as soon as we hear back from Chanel. Which is your favorite?

  • Spencer

    The white boy bag is so clean and pristine!

  • Ally

    the gold reissue and chanel backpack is TDF!

  • Abbi

    Love the shoes #5 and i love the portfolios and the bags in #24!

  • Sarah

    “you can never have too much Chanel in your life”… Looovvee itt!!

  • em

    I think my heart stopped!

  • Stephanie

    Where can we find prices? I love the new sandals too

  • MizzJ

    The shoes!!

  • pe.riche.

    We are not worthy!

    • ?? ?

      hi how are you

  • Olivia C. Jenkins

    Ah, those Chanel boy bags are everything!

  • Joanna

    I am drooling over those clutches and the flats….so Chanelisque!

  • Elaine Weiss Whitman

    Yum… I’m especially drooling over the two blue ones. (Although I’ve read on a few threads that blue leather does not hold up, even when a bag is properly stored; it becomes splotchy. I’d love to know if this is true… I’ve been afraid to purchase a blue bag since I read this!)

  • Mingyan Or

    when will it be available in store?

  • Vicky

    I love so manythings. I’m gonna go so broke. :)