Celine Fall 2012 Handbags (26)

For being one of the biggest handbag designers in the world right now, concerete information about Celine‘s accessories collections can be incredibly hard to find. Prices? Colors? International Availability? Everyone’s information is a little bit different, and after you look at enough blurry cell phone pictures from sales associates at boutiques and department stores across the globe, you start to go a little bit cross-eyed. All in pursuit of the world’s biggest It Bag.

I spent most of yesterday shuffling around the Internet in pursuit of something slightly more concerete, and here’s what I’ve found: the official Celine Fall 2012 lookbook. Celine also does a full winter collection, which we’ll have for you in lookbook form soon, but this is the first batch of bags that you’ll see hit stores after the summer sales. The lookbook doesn’t contain every color combination for every design, but with over 40 photos, it does give you a great idea of what you’ll want to start pre-ordering immediately.

  • Kate

    you said it doesn’t even show ever color and I already can’t decide! I need them all, these bags are so amazing!! 
    xx Kate 

  • Julierae2332

    All I can say is wow.

  • mlle p

    gaaahhh!  there goes the bank account!

  • http://withloveshmon.wordpress.com/ Monica

    I love it all.. what do I do :(


  • Alexandra Davidoff

    Besides the wonderful luggage tote with the bright cobalt face, the rest could be described by one word and one word only: snoozefest. What an utter tasteless snoozefest. LOL

  • http://dontaskmetosmile.wordpress.com/ dontaskmetosmile

    I wish they showed the trio on its side. It looks like a plain bag from the front by I think the way they attached the three pouches together to make a handbag is quite cute.

    The bags that look like a bigger version of the box bag with the chain strap look gorgeous. They are reminiscent of the Chanel flap, but still feel very Celine. 

  • cca.

    Nordstrom in tysons has a few of these bags in the store, they are not online. The tricolor tote is a lil over $2500

  • http://twitter.com/felicia_xoxo Felicia

    AMAZINNNNGGG!!! i havent been more excited about celine bags till now!

  • Karin bag4bag

    They are incredibly well photographed and absolutely magnificent bags.   I am curious as to whether the green and blue bags with the hanging silver barbell are leather or a more brushed material. I LOVE both of them. I want one. LOL

    The green olive python purse with a solid strip of black leather at its base is droolworthy !
    The large tote above it however does scarily look like it made of carpet.

    • Peng

      “scarily look like it made of carpet’? you obviously don’t know design!

  • a.b

    i guess i shall wait for another season…not liking any of it…i was hoping for a beautiful tri-color luggage…but these i do not like (i can consider the 7th page 2nd to last BUT i shall wait).

  • noufa

    what is the name of bag no.17? I realy like the shape and strap very clean and looks comfy to wear all day.

  • Sil G

    i know i loved every bag in that vibrant blue
    so georgeous!

  • ElleOnWheelz

    Maybe I need to see the Celine totes with the wings in person to feel the love. Because I’m not crazy about wingspan on a tote. I’d just want to keep tucking it in. And, what’s with all the straps hanging off of it? More stuff to tuck in? 

  • Doll house Boutique Sydney

    I went to Doll House to by a Sherri Hill dress 1403 for the best price quoted $450 for my daughter. I was told that Doll House has a registry and that I would be the only one wearing this style dress at my formal. When I arrived at my formal, there were two 2 other girls wearing exactly the same style dress and they also got it from dollhouse – I can’t begin to tell you how angry and sick that made me feels. I will not be taking my daughter there for her year 12 formal.

  • ju princess

    hi i was wondering if why any chance you know a site that has photos of all the designers like celine and chanel hanbags collections, so as shoes and accesories, i dont really remember the name but it was kind of oonk or something like that, so can someone please help me? thanks so much in advance. 

  • JC

    Shame Celine increased the prices of their bags for fall 2012! It is getting addictive!

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