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  • Guest

    Yes. Give me a bag that doesn’t close properly, is awkward to carry, and exposes its contents to loss or theft. Clearly, someone didn’t do to well in geometry class…

  • The feeling that I got while watching these bags was “meh”. Phoebe can do much better. I hope this is just a phase.

  • Stephanie

    Not feeling those huge old buttons


      You are so beautiful~~~

  • Sebastien

    Are we supposed to use to monopoly money to purchase these handbags?

  • nappy

    ever since that washing machine bag and the full on fringe tastic thing for this summer, i have been so weirded out by Celine.. their bags used to be perfect (albeit heavy, not to mention expensive.. ) but this! oh. no words..

  • heyyeh

    i’m torn. I can’t decide if they’re like oversized men’s toiletry bags or the goodie/toiletry bags you get in first class…

  • Scottsdale Kim

    Life is not a cat walk. Can you imagine juggling groceries and general day to day activities with a bag like that?

    On another note, I’m seeing more or maybe just noticing more back pack style handbags, do you agree?

  • Stephanie

    I love what the “Guest” posted. And unfortunately they’re right…

  • CuckooBoo

    Not sure I like what I see in the pictures… these celine bags have a long way to go to grow on me!

  • katey

    have to say these look better than stapling the leather pieces together

  • dodada

    Céline is no longer a brand for “populars” anymore… you all can still go to zara or Mickel kors and buy boring bags for your “groceries and general day to day” bags. I don’t think Céline bags are conceived for mortals and comun people… sorry guys

  • Aliza Zibkoff

    No entiendo?

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