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  • Stephanie

    Wow, the size really does make a difference

  • Mya

    Prefer the 30cm actually.

    • GG

      I agree and this color is beautiful. I think I’m just not a fan of huge bags.

  • nb

    she is not going to a grocery shopping to buy a potato bag. 30 cm is more then enough. You just got used to the wrong size and now a proper size looks too small.

  • Kweenjaneesha

    30 cm is just right for casual dinner & tta. KP looks fab.

    • anouk

      And I’m not a Katy Perry fan but darn, she is gorgeous!

  • Etherealgurl

    I’m so sick of these made up fashion rules, she bought what she liked, she’s carrying it and enjoying HER bag. Who cares what size it is.

    • Firdaus Hilmy

      yeah couldn’t agree more


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