kate hudson

What is wrong Kate??? We are only staring and wanting a picture because
a) you are gorgeous and
b) what bag is that you are hiding?! ;-)

Anyone know the bag the lovely Kate Hudson was sporting out in SoHo over the weekend? She is such a doll; I just love her!

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  • Luna

    Pretty sure that this bag is by Isabella Fiore.

  • Paige

    Definitely looks like IF to me, too.

  • Kathryn

    Yup, it looks like the

    Isabella Fiore
    Isabella Fiore “Disk-O-Snake” Penelope Tote

  • Soularwave

    I think she needed a bohemian necklace with that outfit


  • Melody

    The bag is an Isabella Fiore “Garden of Weavin” Angelina Hobo. Its now on Sale at Adasa.com from $625 to $399. It comes in cream & tobacco colors.

  • jane

    Nope. It’s NOT Isabella Fiore. The style is similar but the hardware is all wrong. Also, the straps have a complex weave. I think it’s a Balenciaga. Jennifer Aniston often carries one that’s either the same style or very similar. It’s from a few seasons ago.

  • jane

    Wait. Sorry. I mean Bottega Veneta. I was going to look for it online but it’s too hot.

  • leisa

    that’s funny. i saw this picture last week and spent and afternoon trying to find out what bag it is. i started with the straps and went from there. i still haven’t had any luck. i too, at first, thought for sure Isabella Fiore but i’m still not sure.

  • Kiri

    Isabella Fiore’s “woven leather hobo”

  • Rachel.

    its an isabella fiore…garden of weavin’ people.com has a a photo-story about it in the style section! I just bought mine! so cute!


  • Francesca

    die hantasche sieht ja voll geil aus

  • Francesca

    nur die alte muss mal iehren style ändern dann würde es passen

  • Sherry

    I have that bag in same color it is an IF bag. The weave on this bag in incredible!

  • Naggy

    It’s not something I would like. (ipad)

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