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  • psny15

    Viveka used to be beautiful, now she is a botox hot mess and who carries these 5 year old ugly stella m bags anymore?

  • Sparky

    I don’t get the appeal of Stella bags. Ugly design – and they are pleather (or whatever).
    Love the little red Balenciaga. The MCM works nicely.

    • psny15

      i agree, Stella bags are uglier in person than in photographs

    • I’m thinking of the MCM as an alternative to the Neverfull, I’m just not sure how durable it is.


      Some people don’t wear leather for ethical reasons but still want a high quality purse that won’t fall apart in a few months. I like her bags.

  • I love me some Whoopi!! Not a fan of Stella as well

  • Amazona

    Love Whoopi, love Vivica, still not feeling the Falabella. Nor am I feeling the LV Infrarouge print – where are the Damier Graphite and Eclipse prints?!

    • Zara

      Love Whoopi’s t-shirt!

  • Yoshi1296

    I NEED Whoopi’s T-shirt!! I mean, where is the lie?

  • Maya

    Whoopi’s t-shirt wins!

  • estoo

    I love the Stella Falabella, and especially the really soft ones like the one in slide #6 that Vivica Fox is wearing. The slouchy draped look is the perfect compliment to certain clothes. The fabric they are made from is amazing. I have 2, and my only complaint is that the chain makes the bag heavy. But, what else is new? I have several designer bags that are heavy, but gorgeous! I have learned to carry them on my arm, where they feel okay. I love a variety of handbags, but my favorites include the various canvas LV Speedies, partially because they are so lightweight.

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