As the season begins to change, so does our makeup. Most people alter their routines to suit the seasons, but there are some must-haves that stay the same no matter the season. While I love experimenting with beauty trends–it helps that Sephora is only a few blocks away from the office–I have some seasonless go-tos that you can always bet are in my beauty arsenal.


I always find myself buying lots of makeup, skin care and haircare products around season changes. Most full-size cosmetics last me about three months if I use them daily, and not only that, but weather shifts require most people to do a little bit of tinkering when it comes to products.

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Coordinating your nail polish with your favorite handbag is more important that you think. Our hands come in contact with our bags countless times and this interaction is the perfect way to show off your freshly painted nails.


In many ways, Dior was my big introduction to high-end beauty products. When I was a kid, I fell in love with the brand’s Hypnotic Poison perfume while browsing my mom’s fashion magazines, and once I was old enough to afford my own fancy makeup, I’d drive myself the hour and a half back to Atlanta from my college town to visit the Dior beauty counter at my favorite mall.


I go through phases where I don’t buy that many new beauty products and phases where I buy a ton. The past couple weeks have been the latter, and in my shopping adventures, I’ve found a handful of products I really like, covering everything from hair care to trendy lip color.

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I have an endless array of lipsticks in every shade under the lacquered rainbow, and at one time, not a lip gloss among them–until recently. Lip glosses are the beauty product we all loved back in the day, and the sticky, ultra-shiny goop was once a must-have in the early 2000s.

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If you’ve seen women looking impossibly dewy and perfect this summer, it’s not just because they happen to sweat in a more attractive way than the rest of us. The good highlighter and the right technique can help fool anybody into thinking you’re perspiring for fashion, and once things cool down for fall, it can help you retain your summer glow long after the beach is no longer an option.


As we talked about last week, summer brings with it its own set of challenges for almost every aspect of your beauty routine. I spend a lot of time outdoors when it’s warm and tend to be very demanding of my skincare, haircare and makeup, which means that over the years, I’ve found some tried-and-true summer beauty winners.


People think a lot about protecting and nurturing their skin during the summer, but your hair is just as needy when it comes to care and protection from the elements. Not only that, but summer brings along with it a whole set of styling hurdles for hair that is at all prone to frizz (and if yours is not, consider yourself extremely lucky).


If you’re a regular PurseBlog reader, you’ve probably picked up on the fact that I’m a product junkie of the highest order. (VIB Rouge, even.) You guys are kind enough to occasionally indulge me in my desire to talk about the kinds of face spackle and hair goop I’ve been using lately, and today, I’d like to do just that.


Now that it’s shorts season, you might have looked at your pale winter legs and found them wanting. If you’re inclined toward tanning, let me be the first of many this season who will probably tell you to take advantage of modern technology and stay out of the sun.


Over the past couple years, I’ve somehow managed to develop a somewhat intricate beauty and skincare routine, and that means I try a lot of products and have a lot of opinions. (The latter should not be surprising for longtime PurseBlog readers.) As I do periodically, I’ve gathered together my recent favorites in makeup and beyond and explicated exactly why I think each of them is so great.

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