Today’s the first day of July, and summer’s hottest days are still in front of us. That means a lot of skin is going to get exposed to the harsh light of day in the next two months, and there’s no reason to look like you just got taken out of your winter mothballs.


Being outside in New York yesterday felt like standing inside of a hair dryer. It was hot, humid and completely intolerable, and there’s only more of that on the way as we prepare to enter July. Summer presents all kinds of aesthetic challenges, but one of the toughest is makeup and hair–how are you supposed to get any liquid to cling to your face when it’s 95 degrees outside?


We talk a lot about handbags, but what happens inside them is just as important. Our bags’ interiors are their own little worlds of wallets, pouches, accessories and essentials, and we’re in and out of them all day. That kind of organization can be especially important when it comes to toting around beauty products for quick touchups, so we took the liberty of shopping around for a dozen cosmetic bags you’ll be proud to haul out of your purse in the office bathroom.


I’ve always had dry skin, even as a teenager, and it’s only getting drier as I get older. When you combine that with a particularly long and brutal winter this year, my normal skincare regimen simply wasn’t making a dent in my forehead flakies.


Even for a person who wears as much black as I do, it’s hard to resist the bright manicures and pedicures that warm weather suddenly makes appropriate. If you’re plotting a Friday night of self-pampering or your weekly Saturday nail appointment, we’ve assembled a literal rainbow of colors we think might provide some shade inspiration.


Every season has its own beauty challenges, and as we sweat our way into summer, you’re likely rediscovering all the frizzy hair and calloused feet that cold weather lets us forget about for a while. In an effort to help you solve your problems (which are also our problems), we did a little research and came up with five indispensable tools to help you look your best until Labor Day.


Seasonal changes are always hard on skin, and going from the dry, flaky foreheads of winter to the oily T-zones of summer via the allergy-ravaged spring has its treacherous points. Cleansers, toners and serums are great, but sometimes, you just need a good mask.

Beauty items in my Spring Bag

I have a confession: I’m not a big beauty junkie. I always say that if I had a makeup artist come to my home daily, it would be the ultimate luxury. (Throw in a hair person as well–I really need a hair person.) This means my beauty routine is rather simplistic.


If we all got to luxuriate at home all day, it would solve a lot of problems. (It would create some others, sure, but there are Vitamin D supplements for that.) Your makeup would always be fresh, your hair would never fall flat, you’d have time to re-watch the last season of Orange Is The New Black on Netflix before the new one comes out.


As the weather has steadily warmed in New York City, I’ve heard a familiar refrain from my friends: Ugh, my feet are so gross from winter. Ugh, I need to get a pedicure. New York is especially difficult on feet because of all the walking involved in living here, and the task of undoing all the winter’s snow-booted damage can seem daunting.

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