There are few rituals I love more in life than rubbing a brand new potion of some sort on my face, and with all the inside time that cooler weather brings (plus all the need for hyperactive moisturizing), now is a great time to start thinking about what you’re going to put on your face while you watch Netflix this winter.


The temperature in NYC is going to dip into the 50s this weekend, and as a friend reminded me yesterday, that means it’s time to yank all the fancy scented candles out of the closet. I’ve got one more left in my hoard of my favorite now-discontinued Jo Malone scent, but once it’s gone, it’ll be time to move on to another fragrance.


Seasonal transitions are a good time to change things up, whether that means ordering a new leather jacket, sorting through a box of last year’s sweaters or deciding what works and what doesn’t in your current beauty routine.


My preferences tend toward darker lip colors, and although I’m happy to wear them all year, fall and winter is when they’re easiest to work into a makeup look (and, it must be said, when they won’t melt off my face on a subway platform).


If you’ve heard some hype around a beauty technique called “strobing,” fret not: you don’t need to learn a new thing. Strobing is just the skillful application of highlighter, and there are more great highlighters on the market right now than ever, many of which masquerade under the names “illuminator,” “luminizer” or “perfector.” Despite the confusing naming conventions, they can all be used for basically the same things.


Christian Louboutin’s first foray into beauty was nail polish, which made total sense–his famous shoes adorn and accent a woman’s feet, just as nail color so often does. Louboutin’s next beauty venture, lipstick, also makes a certain amount of sense–his signature color is a vibrant red, after all, and no place in beauty is the color more beloved than on the lips.


We may be on summer break this week, but that means, at least in part, that we’re thinking forward to fall, and not just when it comes to handbags. Below, check out a selection of the beauty, skincare and haircare products we’ll be loading up on for the coming chill in the air.


Some beauty products are straightforward. Moisturizer does exactly what it sounds like. So do peels and cleansers. Serums, on the other hand, seem to confuse all but the most dedicated skincare aficionados. Should you use one?


When I think of the Chloé Drew Bag, I think of two people: Olivia Palermo and Chiara Ferragni. It’s not just because they’ve carried the bag (although they have), but because they seem to be the kind of people Chloé is trying to embody with it: women whose casual, put-together style has launched a sea of wannabe fashion bloggers.


None of us are picking the bags we love in a vacuum. Instead, they’re often reflective of our more general style preferences, and for many bag lovers, our selections can reveal a lot about our personalities and personal tastes.