Most fragrances strike me as seasonal; as soon as I get a whiff, it’s instinctually clear during which months a particular scent will do its best work, just like most colors or textures lean one way or the other. Transitional months are a little trickier; you need a scent that’s not too sweet for cool evenings but that won’t stink up any space you’re in on warm afternoons.

Below, I’ve picked some of my personal favorites; these scents balance their seasonal notes perfectly. Think of them as the “light sweaters” of the perfume world.

There’s been some noticeable crispness in the morning air lately, and now that the calendar has turned to August, we can no longer avoid the fact that fall is coming at us. While it’s too warm during the days for fall clothes, there are little ways that you can start your seasonal transition without producing any excess sweat; one of the best is with a new nail polish.

Below, we’ve selected a number of shades that are still colorful enough to be summer-appropriate but dark enough to feel like the first element of your personal, sartorial transition into the coming season. Almost any color is appropriate for this time of year; the key is finding just the right shade.

I spent a lot of years on our PurseForum before I officially joined the company, and during that time I saw hundreds, if not thousands, of bag lovers reference the divine smell of a new bag’s leather. Fashion is an experience that usually only involves one or two senses, but luxury leather has an instantly recognizable stink, and to love bags is to love that smell. With Dior Cuir Cannage Privée Perfume, you can now apply it directly to your person. (more…)

I can still barely believe that I looked up yesterday and we were well into mid-June; it hasn’t been especially hot in New York (thank god), so it’s been easy to slide by in a spring frame of mind well into June. It hit 90 degrees in Manhattan yesterday, though, and that means we won’t be able to ignore the practical concerns of summer much longer. Today, those concerns are at the center of our Want It Wednesday picks – below, you’ll find all the products on our shopping lists to beat the summer heat. (more…)

There are two kinds of people in this world: people who have oily eyelids, and people who have no idea how an eyelid can be oily. If you’re in the second group, talk amongst yourselves – this post isn’t for you. My oily sisters? Listen up. I spent the first 25 years of my life in the stifling humidity of Georgia, where summers last six months you can often see the moisture suspended in the air in front of you, and I’m here to help. (more…)

One of my favorite ways to end a week is to stop for a manicure and pedicure on the way home from work. Something about spending half an hour in a chair, thinking and doing absolutely nothing, just feels like the right way to transition into a weekend. (Actually, it might not be such a mystery exactly what that “something” is.) Summer means that all of your nails are exposed far more often than the other nine months of the year, and it also means that everything is a little more bright and cheery.

I’m already anticipating getting my nails done on the way home this afternoon, and if that sounds like a custom you’d like to adopt for yourself, here are five shades you might want to consider.

Although everyone on the PurseBlog team is obviously a big fan of leather, we’re not such big fans of turning into leather. With that in mind, we thought the Friday before summer’s unofficial kickoff might be the right time to share some of our favorite sunscreen picks for all occasions. At the very least, we’re hoping you’ll remember to pick up a bottle or two on the way home today. Also, I’d like to share a cautionary tale.

Last summer, I went to the beach for the first time in years, and apparently in that time, I had forgotten that I am among the palest people on Earth who is not an actual hermit, and I decided that a cursory spritz of SPF 15 would be fine. It was not! I had to work from home for a day and a half because I fell asleep on my stomach at the beach, burning my back so badly that I had to go home and lay face-down on my bed, covered in aloe, with my laptop in front of me in order to be a productive human being. Don’t be me.

On the same trip, a friend forgot to put sunscreen on the tops of her feet. Don’t be her, either. You’ll want to wear shoes in the near future.

This weekend is probably going to be the most gorgeous and perfect one we have all year in New York City, and I can already feel the color start to seep into my normally dark outfits. A big way that happens for me is through lip color, and with the new season, I find myself wanting to try all kinds of different textures that don’t find their way into my normal repertoire. Below, check out five that are seriously on my radar right now. (more…)

The first thing that it’s important for you to know about this post is that I have really, really dry skin. I’m 28, and people always say that skin gets drier as you age, so I shudder to think where I’m headed from here. The second thing you need to know is that I have successfully conquered my dry skin, and I’ve done it with the daily use of the five products below.

Winter is generally credited with being the time of year that’s toughest on dry skin, but in my experience, seasonal transitions like the one we’re experiencing right now can cause some wacky skincare problems. If your years of skincare trial-and-error haven’t been as fruitful as mine, maybe I can point you and your dry skin in the correct direction.

I get a sense that a lot of women feel weird about being pale when the weather outside starts to get warm. I don’t ever feel weird about being pale, mostly because I have no idea what it’s like to be not-pale, but, you know, I’m a good listener. I hear things. Lately, most of those things have to do with the impending need to bear limbs in public that have previously been shielded from the winter cold, and in my mind, the best way to do that is via a good sunless tanner. (more…)

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