We all have different shopping habits. Some people buy whatever they think they might like and return the things that don’t work out. Others impulse buy on instinct. Still others religiously wait for sales, with the objects of their affections carefully cataloged. I do some combination of the above, depending on the item, its price and where it’s available. I usually have some bag in mind that I’d love to have under the right circumstances, though, and that’s been the Valentino Lock Bag on and off for years.

The Lock Bag has always been my favorite Valentino piece because it toes the line between ladylike and punk the most deftly of all the Rockstud bags. The structured flap style is sophisticated, but the row of big studs down its spine keeps it from being too sweet. Some seasons don’t bring a version of this bag that I want to add to my closet, so it sometimes falls out of the top spot in my personal must-buy rankings, but it’s always near the top.

Right now, this black version with dark hardware totally has my attention. I’m glad Valentino brought back the Rockstud Noir line, because toning down the brightness of the hardware makes the bag seem a little bit more punk than it usually does, which would make it even more at home in my mostly dark-toned wardrobe. This might be the version that finally makes me pull the trigger, and if I had an imaginary $2,500 to spend on a bag, it’d definitely be this one right now. (Okay, so it exceeds that budget a little bit–I can make my coffee at home for a couple weeks to make up the difference.)

If you were to spend $2,500 on a bag right now, which one would it be? Would you max out your budget, or get multiple bags at lower prices? If you and I are on the same page, you can pick up this one for $2,545 via Neiman Marcus.

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  • elle

    I was toying with the idea of Valentino but had a terrible experience with one of their bags not too long ago. So for now, they’re out.
    BUT, I couldn’t resist how Givenchy streamlined the Nightingale for their f/w collection. I winded up pre-ordering the medium waxy calf skin in black from Neimans. It looks stunning from the pics. Price wise, it’s the similar at $2,450.

  • Ricka

    I’d buy the Ralph Lauren Drawstring Ricky bag! They look so chic, classy, sophisticated, and are much more functional than so many other drawstrings out there! I absolutely LOVE this bag! I am so glad I got the RL Gold… I think it’s time around I would get the Shearling Drawstring… a little outside the budget, but totally worth the extra $$ !!!



  • elle

    I was toying with the idea of Valentino but had a terrible experience with one of their bags not too long ago. So for now, they’re out.
    BUT, I couldn’t resist how Givenchy streamlined the Nightingale for their f/w collection. I winded up pre-ordering the medium waxy calf skin in black from Neimans. It looks stunning from the pics. Price wise, it’s similar at $2,450.

    • Nice choice! I really like the new Nightingale too, and I’m glad they freshened up the bag instead of phasing it out.

      • elle

        Me too. I always liked the original, but there were too many little things that kept me from getting it. Hoping the new dimensions will give it a gorgeous drape.

  • Salma

    i would prolly max out my imaginary $2500 and go for the mini chanel flap:)
    btw i love the rockstudd noir collection too i have the shoes and i want the matching bag for so long but im worried that it will be out of style soon its not very classic at least its what i think given the bigger studds….

    thank you:)

  • kate

    Celine Mini Belt Bag. I like the minimalist style and it’s sophistication. The brand that does not shout out look at me I’m expensive! I feel more like a million dollar woman if I see someone giving me a jealous look with the handbag I’m carrying but can’t figure out if it’s designer or not rather than carrying something that’s 3 times the size of the logo and they’re thinking whether it’s real or fake.

    • HeatherENowak



  • Sandy

    I am thinking of a new Chanel, an old medium Boy…and that does not fit into the $2500.00 price maximum (additional savings needed). Spending $2500.00 I would get one of the prefall Givenchy bags…probably the small studded Anrigona.

  • Sandy

    Antigona…sorry for the error.

  • Candace

    I think I would buy the oxblood Antigona I saw at Neimans just yesterday…

  • Dylan Propst

    I would buy the Moschino Biker Jacket crossbody. So kitschy but wearable.

  • I’d buy a tods d-styling bag in a bright blue and keep the change :)

  • laura

    Right now, the Saint Laurent Monogramme Metalesse Shopper but I’ve always wanted to buy the LV Alma.

  • Kim Kyne

    I’d buy the Marni mini trunk in the Python variation. Loving the resurgence of snake skin and accordion bags are super hot. (it’s slightly over the budget)


  • Though choice, but I would go for a Saint Laurent Moujik bag. There’s something very clean, modern and ladlike going on with that bag and I just love it!

  • anon

    I have to say, I don’t recommend the Valentino Lock Bag. I really don’t. At first I liked it, but I ended up not going through buying it. It’s so flimsy! And not in a good way like Balenciaga. I’m not sure how to explain it, but when you open it, it just really flops over. Like, it opens very very wide. For its price point I expect it to be sturdy, but soft like the other flap style bags from other brands in its price point like Saint Laurent. There’s a video on YT that shows it really well. It was very disappointing to see it was true in the store.

    • Ebun

      I’d have to disagree with you as this is one of my most loved bags – I have it in two colors. The only thing I don’t like about it is that the calf leather is rather sensitive and can scratch easily, understandably.

      I have the medium size and it truly goes with everything. For dressier events i double the handle and nights out I wear it cross body. It’s small enough to fit my phone, wallet and a pair of flats/slippers! I mean you can’t really beat that. I do agree with you that the leather is not soft, but sturdy, but that’s the look I was going for. I guess different strokes for different folks lol

      • Carol

        Love the valentino Lock! I have one um blue and waiting to buy The nude! But first, I’m saving for The chanel boy that I couldnt find in Europe. So I’m going ro buy a little expensive in US in november.

      • anon

        Actually, you know what, I mistook the bag. I thought it was the 3-way bag (don’t know the actual name but they look very similar). The one where you could put your hand through and it can be a clutch as well. So, maybe this bag i actually great like you say! The large vertical studs on this one might be the factor that keeps it shape well versus the horizontal studs on the bag I’m talking about. The 3-way clutch bag is the one I don’t recommend.

  • dela

    I should keep saving for Fendi Peekaboo. But I would give in and small By The Way with croc tail. The decision I would surely regret in a few months.

  • FashionableLena

    Gucci Lady Web or small Givenchy Pandora. The Gucci is $2700, but in the world of luxury handbags, that’s chump change.

  • QuelleFromage

    I would save it and wait for the next $2500 then get a vintage Kelly ;-)

  • Lori

    I think I might buy a Celine Edge bag (though I have no idea how much they cost). I have a friend who carried one to tea the other day and it was beautiful. Recently, I was at the Celine store in LV and again, a beautiful bag…so that would be my $2500 pick (and sorry if the bag is like $4000…!)

  • KimberlyRHart

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  • Dylan Propst

    Ralph Lauren Soft Ricky

  • Maya

    Mark Cross Grace Large Box Smooth Calf in black :)))

  • Mya Wilkes

    Amanda im with you but I plan to get the red not black. P.s. you sure do love your black Amanda, reminds me of my best friend.

  • Proatest

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  • B

    I would use it towards a Celine belt bag size small in Brown with pink lining or towards the Celine mini luggage in souris.

  • Y Ajayi

    i would get a little extra money and get a chanel mini.

  • Sparkletastic

    Vintage Chanel Black Non Flap Shoulder Bag for casual wear. I’m not sure style yet – maybe Ultimate Soft?? But this is next on my hit list and easily found for $2500 or less.

  • Wilma

    I’ve coveted the Gucci Bamboo Shopper for a while now- either the medium in red or the large in navy. Of course, I would opt for the complimentary personalization and have me initials added, too.

  • tata


  • Aforallie

    I would buy the Saint Laurent Cassandre. I love the tassels hanging down.

  • MisterJayARg

    I would go for a nightingale or a rockstud..
    I’ve been dying to have any of these bags..

  • Pam

    Celine or a fendi 2 jours

  • jukeram

    louis vuitton sofia coppola definately

  • Ena

    Just purchased the lock bag in small kind of on an impulse. I was in Japan and because of the currency exchange and tax refund the bag came out to be under $1800 where it’s 2145+tax in the US. I didn’t do as much research as I would usually but I’m very happy with the purchase, really like the bag.

  • Rossio

    ..A black Chanel jumbo with gold LARGE hardwear!! mama needs it.

  • Jen

    I’d buy the Loewe Puzzle bag. Love the shape, how it drapes but isn’t outlandish.

  • Josh Cohen

    I would go to therealreal.com and get a Celine trapeze, a Fendi peekaboo, and a givenchy nightengale.

  • Hananh

    This Valentino can really do crossboby how long is the Chain ??

  • wintersunshine

    This bag caught my attention when you posted about it in 2015. I just saw it on sale at Rue La La for $1950 and snapped it up – Merry Christmas to me! Can’t wait for this lovely to arrive.