Distressed Leather Solves All Your Bag-Babying Worries

Love it or leave it?

There was a time not that long ago when the question of whether to baby or not to baby our bags was a topic of much discussion.

Some collectors would go to great lengths to protect their bags with the intent of keeping them as pristine as possible for as long as possible. From buying a bag raincoat and using a purse hook to carrying a spare canvas tote for all of eternity in case of emergency, trust me, I’ve heard it all.

Lived-in bags have always been a topic of conversation. Who could forget one of the most iconic handbag moments of the 2010s: Mary-Kate Olsen toting an Hermès Kelly bag that was so distressed you could barely tell if it was once navy or black.

Say Yes to Distress(ed)

The fashion side of the internet did a collective gasp. Olson’s nonchalance actually was a catalyst of sorts, smashing the idea that handbags are meant to be in mint condition. Our bags are an extension of our lives, and our lives, like our bags, can be messy.

As the trend towards beat-up bags thrives, distressed and aged leather bags are, of course, being added to your favorite designers’ line-ups. And if you’re the type of person who still struggles to use your bags with ease and without anxiety, a bag that arrives pre-distressed is the perfect gateway.

Besides the fact that who really has the time anymore to obsess over a bag’s over-the-top care, aged, distressed leather offers that exact air of “no fucks given” that every Millennial ever hoped to exude after that viral beat-up bag moment.

They offer a dress-down, casual appeal that’s effortlessly chic at the same time. Not to mention, no babying is required.

Love It or Leave It?

Miu Miu Distressed Leather Bag

Givenchy Distressed Voyou

Balenciaga Le Cagole

Acne Studios Distressed Leather Bag

Miu Miu Miu Wander Bag


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  1. Kari Avatar

    I feel like the distressed effect should come naturally. This seems weirdly inauthentic to me.

    1. Cari Avatar

      I would rather by a pre loved distressed bag…a lot less expensive😂

  2. Rheez Avatar

    Imma leave it. The reason why I like my
    bags to be in pristine is for the next person to enjoy it

  3. SonShownu Avatar

    it’s like buying an old bag from the attic with full price

  4. Adguru Avatar

    For me, this is as pointless as paying top dollar for designer pre-ripped jeans. I’d rather buy something new and not stress if it gets a bit banged up over time.

  5. Newbie1895 Avatar

    I love this! I have always been drawn to the aged leathers. They look so lived in and effortless without the stretching, misshaping and popped stitches of a bag that is worn. Not to mention that it takes the worry away from the first scratch of a new bag.