A lot of you responded with your own tales of woe when Megs wrote about getting caught in the rain with her pale pink Givenchy Antigona, so I suppose it shouldn’t surprise anyone that The Handbag Raincoat exist and is available to purchase at Shopbop in three sizes. The more I think about it, though, the more I can’t hate on it.

At first, my reaction was snarky. Who in the world would pay 30 bucks to keep their purses dry while they spring into the grocery store? Except, of course, lots of people would do that. Maybe even me, if you caught me in the right mood. The idea is unpleasantly high-maintenance, but the execution is pretty practical, especially if you’re someone who spends a lot of money on bags. (Hi. You’ve come to the right place.)


The product itself works just like it looks like it does: you pop it over your bag and the handles poke out the top opening, which is adjustable with velcro. Water can still make its way into the space between the handles, but the vast majority of your bag is covered. When you’re not using the bag-coat, it stores in a little pouch that will float to the bottom of your purse, completely forgotten until you need it. Like I said: buying a handbag raincoat may not be the image of yourself that you want to project to others, but this one seems pretty functional if you prefer satchels or totes.

I’m not sure that I’m organized enough to use one of these, if I actually bought it. It’d probably end up like my fabric grocery bags: acquired with good intentions but left at home in all situations in which it might be useful. Could you see yourself buying and using a handbag raincoat?

If you could, you’re in luck: all three sizes are available at Shopbop for $25, $28 or $30.

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  • abigail

    yes!! i ruined my fave ysl duffel in that awful manhattan snowstorm of 13! would love one of these!!

  • Michelle

    Whoa! The one review for the product on Shopbop really tears it apart!

    • There is…a lot going on in that review. I have some questions.

      First, how in the world could a sheet of plastic go wrong enough to cause tears? Did it poke her in the eye? Surely nothing about a handbag raincoat could be bad enough to cry over? Does the reviewer actually need a brownie and a stiff drink instead of a handbag raincoat?

      • jhh36

        I think that the reviewer meant that the umbrella tore and so the purse got wet anyway.

      • Ushma

        Haha I think it was “tears” as in rips apart, not tears as in crying

  • circafashion

    Gurl -Bye LMAO!!

  • KloeF

    I wouldn’t use this one, however I have a Bulgari bag that came with its own raincoat which is pretty nice. It’s actually transparent, and fits perfectly with the bag (it looks much neater). So to answer the question, I would use it, as long as it was made for the bag.

  • Cherie

    as much as we spend on our handbags the idea or concept of it is very functional . we don’t spend three or four figures on bags just for them to get messed up on days we get caught in the rain. people carry around umbrellas in case they get caught in the rain why not carry a cover for your expensive handbag, lol?

  • kemilia

    My Bals have gotten soaked (a glass of water tipped over on one) and they dried just fine. That said, if it’s raining I clutch my bag tightly to me so it is safe under the umbrella. Having a specific cover would be a bit too much for me.

  • Sandy

    Not such a bad idea really. During a surprise down pour I put my jacket over my bag and I took my shoes off so they would not be ruined….I am sure anyone that witnessed my dash for the car that day had a good laugh over the fashion victim with her jacket on her bag and shoes!!

    • shueaddict

      Oh, I did the same last year, walked barefoot to my car , bag under the tiny brolly.

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  • kindled

    ” It’d probably end up like my fabric grocery bags: acquired with good intentions but left at home in all situations in which it might be useful. ” Haha story of my life.

  • yes yes and yes! I had to get my lady Dior to the car using my sweater, in an unexpected downpour last night. Bonus points if it is light and compact enough to fit in smaller bags.

  • Tiffany

    I definitely would! I leave a lot of my nice bags at home when it’s rainy! How neat!!

  • Amazona

    I could totally get a raincoat for my bags! The weather in Finland is so unpredictable and harsh that sometimes I need to wrap my scarf or extra cardigan around my bag when a downpour decides to surprise me. This would be better and look just a little bit weird. Whereas a bag wearing a Burberry scarf seems to look completely bonkers to most…

  • jessica

    some hermes bags come with their own raincoat

  • Jacquie S

    I have used the one’s I have with my Birkin. I would love one for Chanel.

  • FashionableLena

    It just seems like an extra step especially since you have to put it back in the little pouch to keep from getting the inside of your bag wet. I like the concept, but I just don’t know if I feel like being bothered.

  • Ushma

    My fendi mini peekaboo came with a raincoat and I loved it. I think birkins do as well? I liked the raincoat because it’s cut and sized perfectly for the shape of the bag, and even has a stencilled outline of the bag drawn on it. I don’t know if I’d buy a raincoat for my bags, but I think it would be great if chanel also started just providing them with each bag you buy.

  • Dewi

    Whenever it drizzles or I feel the neighbourhood is dodgy, I will put my bag into big baggu lol

  • Charlie

    Practical idea, May not be the prettiest thing but I am sure it will sell.

  • Mish

    During one of my trips to Japan, I came across Loft which carried these handbag raincoats. My mother being another bag enthusiast, I knew I had to get one for her too – although she always forgets to use it because chances are, it’s left in the previous bag she used to carry! I also use my handbag raincoat when I go shopping, and don’t want whoever it is driving to see what I’ve been buying, so it’s very, very useful.

  • Riham

    This should be something you get with your bag from the designers themselves, just like you get the dustbag or tags. Seriously though Amanda, pitch that to any handbag designers you might be freinds with ;)

  • shopper

    Great idea!!! Agree with the poster below that it should be included with upscale bags at point of purchase.

  • Nail Art Holic

    Perfect idea! Like that. But may not use in real life.


  • Christinee

    I use a Longchamp bag folded up and keep it in every bag for the chance of inclement weather.

  • Azaleafox

    Thanks PB just purchase one! Down here in Louisiana, we have surprise thunderstorms almost everyday in the summer, (and the occasional severe weather from hell), I needed this!

  • Vicky

    Good idea, but I won’t. I go to most places by car so… it’s not really necessary to me.

  • Cali D

    My only issue is that if I am carrying a Louis Vuitton top handle bag, I don’t want the leather handles to get wet in the rain either, as they’ll get ruined. So while I like this idea in concept, I wish that it had a better way to also protect the handles.

  • christina

    yes i have one and it works amazing