If you’ll think back with me to the mid-2000s, to a time when Chloé was releasing Paddingtons with giant bedazzled locks and people were snapping them up left and right, it might seem odd that Chloé Fall 2010 is so…minimalist. Spare, even. But in the past five years, as economic and social conditions have changed across the globe, so have tastes. Many critics are hailing this collection and those like it as the antidote to “It Bag” fatigue.

But if these bags become widely popular, are they not still It Bags, just repackaged to fit current trends? That’s probably a question that fashion marketing pros hope you won’t ask, but either way, a return to classic shapes and colors will likely be welcomed by many. Me? I’m a little bored. We have bigger photos after the jump – let us know what you think.

Chlo̩ Aurore Bucket Bag Р$1695 via Saks.

Chlo̩ Aurore Top Handle Р$1995 via Saks.

Chlo̩ Amy Crossbody Р$995 via Saks.

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  • somethingbags

    looks generic to me.

  • Nyzinga

    The Amy Crossbody (and incidentally the least expensive of the lot) is interesting and I can see myself carrying something like that.

  • belgianyen

    bawhring….sorry! :(

  • shopaholicvamp

    if its actually possible to have too much minimalism…i think the people behind this collection successfully did just that……

  • Ping

    I don’t mind minimalism but these are copies of so many bags out there. Nothing original, esp for these prices. I don’t mind paying premium for bags that takes my breath away, but these will be at the sales bins soon enough.

  • Christine*

    Given what the competition has to offer this season, I don’t see these bags becoming too popular.
    Why am I going to buy that ultra bland bucket bag that makes no statement whatsoever, when I can go for a ps1 instead?
    Don’t get me wrong, I love Chloe and even own bags from past seasons myself, but these are a serious flop.

  • Handbag Lover

    These are little boring. Next :(

  • tadpolenyc

    designs can be classic and still be more interesting than this! the designers at chloe weren’t even trying. i’ll pass.

  • mochababe73

    They are a little too plain for me. The drawstring bag could easily be labeled a Coach or Dooney.
    There is something to be said for having a minimalist, anti-It bag, but this has absolutely no connection to a designer or anything. Nothing to set it apart from any other leather handbag that can be bought for less than $100.
    For example, the Alexander Wang Rocco bag would be just another bag if it were not for the studs at the bottom.

  • carrie

    Not feeling the “gotta have it”.

  • FashionIsMyHobby

    I think we all have similar bags to these resting in their dustbags in our closets.

  • JenG

    I love them!

  • alex

    if i wanted a bag that simple i certainly would not pay $1700+ for it.

  • Lianne

    I guess JenG and I are the only ones to love these bags. I especially love the bucket bag. The very smooth lines in the picture just grab me. And I love the colour.

  • whit

    i always think if you go min, that you have to do it PERFECTLY. that said, i’d have to wait to see in person before passing judgement.

    if the leather is TDF, the color brilliant (not shiny brilliant but brilliant like……….) and the bag is sewn to last..then i can see myself (and others who value well made bags) plunking down the dough for the price the name chloe has to command to keep up its image.

    otherwise, there are cheaper alternatives thats probably just as nicely made.

  • Nee

    to me they look luck copies of other iconic bags – LV speedy etc, but made to look super boring. Its like they are trying to hard to be the anti-it bag….very boring.

  • 19yearslater

    Hm, going along with the anti- It Bag craze. The ps1 video referred to this concept as well, I suppose the idea is to make a bag that women will buy because it is a functional, luxurious item. However, these bags aren’t quite special enough to merit a second look on the street; even to those in the fashion know.

  • The Fashion for Less

    Minimal indeed! But I’ll always love Chloe. I didn’t expect Chloe to come out with something like this. Yet they all look good. Will definitely buy one.

  • Bagolicious

    BORING! Yawn!

    I’m a big Chloe fan and have Chloe handbags and wallets and as far as I’m concerned, I want a Chloe that looks like a Chloe, not a Coach which that bucket bag looks like. And that medical looking bag is downright homely. The black one isn’t bad though.

    Thank goodness we have a Chloe boutique here in L.A. where they carry Chloes that look like Chloes and are gorgeous enough to melt an iceberg!

  • Bagolicious

    For gorgeous Chloe handbags, http://www.chloe.com. Now, that’s what I’m used to.

  • Belle

    I’m in love. I’m so burnt out on ‘it’/statement bags. I want something that I can wear, rather than something that wears me. These Chloe bags fit the bill to a T.

  • Lori

    Hmm, I kind of like them and I kind of don’t. I’ll have to check them out at NM and see how they look in person.

  • Cara

    I like the idea of them not being an IT bag etc and they seem as if they could stay relevant for many years to come without looking out of place. However, if I was going to invest in a minimalist style bag, I would much prefer a fall 2010 Louis Vuitton ladylike miniml bag or PS1 bag.

  • Jen

    Hmmmph. Reminds of 1980s Coach.

  • sonya

    a little too much like the standard, plain Coach bags. i’m sure the leather is much nicer…but not exciting at all

  • Linda

    I’m loving the classic look of the saddled colored drawcord bag!

  • Brandy

    definitely too simplistic.. I actually wouldn’t mind the bucket bag in a different color and with some sort of detail, embellishment or texture. Uber boring.

  • Jenn

    Most of the bags I’ve been buying for the past 2 years have been statement pieces (MJ stardust, Burberry beat check, Jimmy Choo snakeskin) so I can appreciate the simplicity of Chloe’s new line. Of these, the Aurore bucket bag is my favorite. The others, maybe not so much…

  • Lizzy

    Not doing it for me… Not much impact for the price.

  • luv2ownabirkin

    Actually, I really like these, especially the camel bucket. I have to disagree. Chloe has always maintained a minimalism aesthetic with clean lines and attention to quality and subtle detail.
    The paddingtons did come with huge locks, but the bag itself was simple in design. I’m really sick of logos. I think it’s more fashionable to wear an item without any logos and even more fashionable to wear items that keep people guessing. If you love Chloe and want something with more hardware, the fall collection is not devoid of any. Check out their collection on the website. There are bags with clean lines but with some bling. There are some really funky crossbody pouches that have been decked out with gold ornament-like closures and tassles and gems. I find that these aforementioned bags are quite the opposite of Chloe’s usual philosophy.

  • Loquita

    Well said, luv2ownabirkin. I actually like these bags quite a bit, particularly the Amy Crossbody and the Aurore Bucket Bag. (In fact, I would def. consider buying either in black). While I adore LV mono and damier, I am most comfortable carrying limited logos, and I *LOVE* Chloe, past and present. I predict that if these are very exceptionally crafted and the leather is top-knotch, they will sell quite well. In fact, they share a similar aesthetic with Celine’s recent Classic Box Bag (designed by none other than Phoebe Philo, Chloe’s former head designer). That bag sold out in a nanosecond…and cost far more than these.

  • Sonya

    Sonya P.

    These bags are pretty cool, I love Chloe, very feminine bags, made for the perfect lady!!

  • Dice

    I think the top handle is nice! Vuitton has reinvented (ish) the speedy and it looks similar, but at a price of 5k minimum -_- the top handle looks like a valextra but with a MUCHmore reasonable price. I presume the leather or this chloe on will be of decent, if not fab quality so I say YES to the top handle. The drawstring…to be frank I think every brand has already milked the drawstring for all it’s worth (you see vuitton inspired noe’s everywhere) and this fails to depart from that to AT LEAST bring an exciting variation to the table. No way is what I say. The last bag is interesting, but looks so unfinished and not in a professional way. Reasonable price though.

  • harveydent

    I actually really love the drawstring bag. I’ve seen this one in person, and the lining is in this beautiful soft suede and it comes with a little wallet. But my favorite, has to be the one in the middle. I think that it’s a great simple shape and it’s retro looking. I love the colors that it comes in as well. I agree that it’s all very minimalistic, but I still think that the Aurore bag in the middle is just gorgeous.

  • AliceCooper72

    I have a Pierotucci Toscanella tote, that’s way more inspiring than the Chloe tote, and less than a fifth of the price. I wouldn’t trade it for any of these Chloe bags – sorry!

  • linnache


  • Jane

    Boring…go to justjaneboutique.com for hot new bags at discount pricing.

  • kevin

    Coming from a guy ( not gay, looking around for my gf’s xmas present ;) ) i think these bags are mellow. I dont like huge ass purses with bright insignia all over them…

    but i dont think my gf will like these, she likes gigantic bags with zippers and gold n shit

  • Marivi

    I need some chloe in my life (ipad)

  • Ellen

    I actually like the Aurore, but overall the bags are much too plain. (ipad)

  • gail

    love the top handle aurore in wood! simply elegant and chic