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  • AshleyG

    OMG! The shade of that PS1 tiny satchel- I DIE!!!!

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    • Humphries Frosino

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      • Sandra

        nice share,actual i buy it there before good quantity.

  • These are adorable! My pet peeve though, is when designers jump from a large sized bag to a mini that, to me, only looks good when worn with a shoulder strap, and not by the top handle (or risk looking like a child-sized bag). I’m average height at 5’4″ and would love that denim effect Amazona, but the mini size I don’t need as I have many cross bodies and the larger size looks like luggage on the model and will just dwarf me! Bring back small sizes please!! Not to mention that the minis aren’t much more affordable than the regular sizes.

  • Cara M

    I am obsessed with mini bags right now. I have a 2 year and I need to be hands free running after her and I love the long strap and crossbody. My only issue is the cost of these mini bags. For not much more I could have it full size and that seems crazy. I just bought a Coach Madison “sadie” I think. I love it so much and it was very reasonably priced!

  • Maice

    I love the selection here. It’s nice that it wasn’t just about the “usual suspects”. It was refreshing to see brands like Ralph Lauren, Furla, and even MCM.

    • Sarah

      I love the selection too. Thanks for including variety!

      • erindours

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  • anna

    i would like to buy dior promenade in beige , could you please tell me if it’s worth it ?

  • Gina

    The Coach Mini Preston in Ultra Navy should have made this list.

  • Newyorking

    I don’t like the mini bags with top handles. The handles get in the way and you should be able to fold them. I love mini bags but the top handles are not functional. These brands, for the $$$$ they charge, should make their bags more functional, like allow you to fold the top handles down. They look strange like that at the top as crossbody. And the prices are crazy. I got the PS1 medium for $1,295 on sale, I can’t imagine spending more on a smaller size, its going to be on sale anyway.

    • LoriEHutcherson

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    • louch

      Totally agree with you on this one. I have a Givenchy mini Nightingale and the handles drive me crazy. I would love a Celine Luggage for the size but handles would drive me nuts.

  • klynneann

    I agree, the top handles can be annoying if you’re wearing the bag crossbody but I tend to hold my mini-Atlantique by the handles twice as much as I use the crossbody strap so I’m glad they’re there. :)

  • Sheri

    Louis Vuitton Alma BB is missing from this list. It’s a true “mini” bag in that it’s the smaller version of the bigger bag. I’m not sure each and every bag on this list fits that description (Rebecca minkoff, Coach).

  • What a great selection. We’re loving mini bags right now. More please!!!! x http://bit.ly/fredeve

  • bethcwhitehorn

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