Michael Kors Santorini ToteFirst of all, I hope everyone stayed warm over the weekend. I know many parts of the US got pounded with snow and bitter cold temps. Because of that, I choose to lie around and only venture out for some Starbucks and shopping. While shopping I saw a huge display of Michael Kors shoes and then realized there were some handbags too. For the most part I associate Michael Kors with footwear, but there are some bags that can not be passed up. The Michael Kors Santorini Tote manifests itself in a chunky appearance but an overall simplistic color scheme and vibe. Because the weave is in, Kors decided to implement brown woven calfskin along with golden hardware for this tote. While the bag may be a bit much for some, the details are evident while not being far too overpowering. It all depends what side of the spectrum you are on. The handles are woven along with golden hardware rings and the bag is an open top. While I am not immediately drawn or not drawn to this bag (which measures 9 1/2″H x 15″W x 4″D), I figured it was a bag not to be passed up. Buy it via Neiman Marcus for $795.

Pretty In Pink

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