After last seasons release of the YSL Muse, I have still been eyeing one for myself. Just when I nearly broke down and bought one, YSL came out with an even better version of the already hot YSL Muse. Lindsay Lohan has never disappointed me with her handbag selection, rather it is the one part of her life that I can truly say I am jealous over. Sporting her newly broken wrist and cast, Lindsay Lohan was seen carrying the new Black Anthracite YSL Reversible Muse Tote. Opting for the anthracite silver during the day, Lohan made her way through the crowd with a bag that makes me drool. Also, this bag is available in chocolate, which can be reversed to bronze to jazz it up. This bag is so hot I can barely stand it. Get on the waitlist for this sure to be ‘it’ bag via YSL.

Perfectly Pink

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