Chloe Large Paddington Capsule Tote

To all of the Paddington carriers out there, just admit it, your bag weighs a ton but you continue to carry it with the lock because, after all, the lock is what makes the bag. It is true, I do it too. I shift my body weight from side to side, move the bag from one arm to the next, all in an effort to make the bag feel less heavy but still look good. Finally, while on my vacation in Italy, I ditched the lock. Whew. It felt better, but when it comes down to it, Chloe leather is much thicker and sturdier than others. It is simply heavy leather. Making the signature lock smaller, the Chloe Large Paddington Capsule Tote spotlights a chunky chain strap with a small paddlock detailing. The tan leather stays true to Chloe form, being thick yet smooshy. The fact that the paddlock is smaller is a great addition, but if the chain is heavy gold metal, we will have the weight problem. But sometimes, we all wear things that are uncomfortable all in the name of fashion. Buy through NAP $2,140.

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  • Odie

    Now this is a sweet a@# bag.

  • tt

    i actually like THIS paddington!

  • Bagwatcher

    Love the shape of this bag – absolutely hate the chain thing. Why does a handbag need a necklace?

  • DiorKiss

    Hey, this is the bag I just saw in Kiki Niesten! I was wondering what it was called… But I like the ‘normal’ Paddington better. This one’s so bulky.

  • milibeans

    This one looks like you can pack it with lots of everything. Gives you more than one opiton for carrying it.