I have a confession to make: I have an old iPhone. A year and a half old, to be exact, which means that I have a 4S instead of a 5, despite the fact that the 5 has been around seemingly forever. It’s that fact that keeps me from upgrading, actually – why get a 5 now when she 6 could appear at literally any time? Now that I’ve seen the Rafé Shell iPhone Cases, though, which are only for iPhone 5, I might be rethinking my strategy.

I’ve long been a fan of the color-shifting properties of mother-of-pearl and certain other kinds of shells, but (and I know this will shock you), despite my incredible popularity, I don’t really go to enough warm-weather formal events to justify the purchase of a minaudiere made out of one of these materials. You know what I do do enough of, though? Waste time on my phone. I can justify purchases that enhance that activity all the livelong day, which is why I’ve spent so much money on extra Candy Crush lives. In order to enjoy one of these cases, though, I’d also have to pay a $200 upgrade fee, but I kinda need to get a phone with more than my current 16G of storage anyway, right? That’s a totally reasonable justification for a new iPhone, whereas a new case might not be. A new case would be a great biproduct of that, though.

These are the thought processes I battle all day, you guys.

Rafé Shell iPhone 5 Case
$98 via Neiman Marcus

Rafe Shell iPhone 5 Case

Rafé Mother-of-Pearl iPhone 5 Case
$98 via Neiman Marcus

Rafe Mother of Pearl iPhone 5 Case

Rafé Rainbow Tab Shell iPhone 5 Case
$98 via Neiman Marcus

Rafe Rainbow Tab Shell iPhone 5 Case


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