There is just something inherently adorable about a tough guy on his 200mph motorcycle sporting a small, crossbody Coach messenger on his back.

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  • I loved him and his Coach bag!

  • amy

    any guy that sports a designer bag in my mind is a bit too metro-sexual for me.

    • lorraine

      Disagree. Nothing looks as good as a man in an Armani suit and bag (or even Kenneth Cole). Yummy!

  • amy

    But i love you caught the photo of this, because i see this type of thing all time. I think there should be photos/mini articles of men and carrying their ” European shoulder bag”. I know i would totally read it, it would be such a fun section to read on the site.

  • 19yearslater

    Ha, ha! Love it. One of these things is not like the others . . .

  • mariam

    he probably stole his girlfriend’s ….or mom’s!

    • tex

      This is from the men’s collection, not the women’s line. Do some research before making a comment. Just because it is a designer item doesn’t mean it is for women only.

  • samilu

    Maybe he should have chosen something from LV’s mens line…?

    • 19yearslater

      I’m pretty sure that bag is from the Coach men’s line, but still- it’s so small and cute on his motorcycle.

  • reneeo

    I totally loved this too! So small and so cute! I love that you shared this photo with us! Thanks.

  • MAX

    Cool! i like the bike it’s so sporty and the bag is so cute may be a little small thinking of bigger messenger bag that suit him even better. I wish i’m allowed to ride a bike my parents are too concerning about safety T^T.

  • Anna Cooperberg

    That is a GEM!

  • Karin bag4bag

    Love it ! Thanks for sharing a great pic.

  • Judy

    Vlad, I love how you used the word “adorable”. This is a perfect posting!

  • Tomiko Ballantyne

    LOL i love this!!!!!! mister man you better GO HEAD WITH YOUR MAN BAG!

  • Sofia Nolan

    bla, not a fan of Coach anymore, they`re so common

  • mel

    He doesn’t look so tough :-p

  • Chitra

    LOL!! I love this!! It’s soooo random!

    I just had to show this to my husband cos he rides a Hayabusa!