Sometimes, there’s nothing I love more than a really terrible idea. Another huge slice of pizza? Great! Another shot before last call? Bring it on! I want to be a redhead today – so what if I have a ton of black dye in my hair already? It’s a miracle of massive proportions that I’ve somehow yet to end up with a tremendously ill-advised tattoo at this juncture in my life. There’s something beautiful about having the willingness and opportunity to occasionally act in defiance of all logic and good sense.

Marc Jacobs Misfit Top Handle

And that’s exactly what the Marc Jacobs Misfit Top Handle is – a bad decision that ultimately proves how sublime it can be to occasionally make them. Nothing about this bag should work – the dueling neon colors, the pattern that they don’t match at all, the quilting on top of said pattern. And a lot of people will probably disagree with me, but I think the combination of so many ridiculous ideas into one bag is actually sort of fantastic. I wouldn’t necessarily wear it (ok, maybe I totally would, but I don’t think I could bring myself to buy it), but the fact that a major designer has the chutzpah to make something so terrifically weird and in defiance of traditional aesthetic standards makes me love this bag in despite of itself. Buy through Luisa Via Roma for $1728.

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  • michaelstjames

    This bag is perfection! It would look awesome with a basic trench. I definitely wouldn’t buy it (especially in this economy), but i certainly would wear it.

  • cari

    LOL I love the print for his scarves…. the bag I wouldn’t wear/buy.

  • Beth

    It’s the lovechild of Vera Bradley & Chloe! I would never spend my own money on it, but I’d admire the heck out of someone who did!

  • spanish moss

    uh, don’t tell anyone but i kinda like this! i’d buy it only if i hit a MAJOR lottery and couldn’t think of anything else to spend money on/g

  • tikiandbabu

    It’s funky and edgy and I like it! The only downside is, this bag reminds me somewhat of the purses I use to take to concerts in the 70’s (which is kind of cool) but those were bought for pennies on the dollar – for this price, I’d expect beautiful embroidery – or more thought than just the chain handle and lock.

  • Linda

    Hate the bag but love your comments on it…too funny.

  • tadpolenyc

    this is a fun bag. it’s not my style, and i’m convinced i wouldn’t have the guts to wear it anyway even if it were, but that in no way diminishes its awesomeness.

  • bagolicious

    Awful! And the price….more awful.

  • Mandy

    I could not bring myself to buy this, but I love MJ’s bravery and cleverness. He’s a genius, and I’ll admire anyone with the guts to carry it around.

  • Rebecca

    Love this bag.. its just so different and quirky!
    Very young/energetic/full of life… I like bags that stand out.. and this one definitely does!

  • Mama M

    I wouldn’t buy it, but I would definitely carry it. Love the colors! What I couldn’t see from the picture is that it has a large flap on the front, and a zipper on the bottom. It’s calfskin and lambskin, so it should feel really great. And there’s something about a handbag that could also potentially be a weapon that appeals to me…

  • 19yearslater

    “Misfit” is the perfect name for this bag- thing is, I’ve always loved misfits. It’s lovely.

  • papertiger

    A bag that only MJ’s mother could love. OK for $1

  • Sarah @ Salescoop

    I think you are right. Even though I dislike the individual parts, they come together well to form a weird harmony that works. Regardless to say it would be hard to match this bag as I normally would, but maybe there would be a pleasant surprise for that one as well.

  • Free

    Perfect name for this bag. I love it. It’s thrift store chic. Though the price tag is a might-bit ridiculous.

  • Mika

    I love the colours – perfect for an all black winter wardrobe!! Otherwise I also think the colours are just too neon for mixing, sorry Marc!! But we still love you ;)

  • Rufina

    I have a beach towel that has the same pattern and neon colors. It’s cute and funky and it goes well with the sand and flip flops and bathing suits. But I would not proudly wear it just because it has some famous designer name on it and I certainly would not pay 1300 Euros for this disaster of a bag.
    He did not name this bag Misfit just out of fun, it truly deserves its name

  • Kendra

    NO WAY..