Ok Donna Karan, you have our attention. We are starting to find ourselves liking more of your bags and taking a better look at them. We know you are the Queen of clothing already, so you know what you are doing. The handbag world is tricky to enter, but welcome to it.

The last bag I was seriously digging from DK was the Eldridge, an uptown cool everyday bag. Now the bag that I find to be entirely simplistic yet beautiful is the Donna Karan Large Expandable Shoulder Bag. This bag is exclusive to Saks. The body of the bag is soft and slouchy, adding a slightly unexpected yet fun addition with the studded shoulder strap. The creamy leather is perfect for winter whites. The overall vibe is grown up with chic twist.

Donna Karan Large Expandable Shoulder Bag

Other details include an outside zipper which reveals an expandable gusset. There is also an inside zip pocket and three open pockets. Always a major plus for me is a roomy shoulder drop, on this bag it is a comfortable 10 inches. Overall measurements are 16″W X 14″H X 5″D. I give Donna Karan a thumbs up here. Please continue along this path! Buy exclusively via Saks for $1095.

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  • AA

    Thats a nice bag for Donna Karan except I wouldnt pay that for her bags. I’d rather get another MJ or Chanel.

    • Terri

      Couldn’t have said it better myself ( so I won’t ). I do love the color though.

    • Purse41

      Hey…looking for bag that was on “It’s Complicated” which I just saw this weekend. A woman at the movies said it was Prada but can’t find it anywhere. It looked like it was a cloth material and hobo style. Help!

      • ingrid

        if you’re looking for a bag ID, you’ll have a better chance if you check out the purseforum Celebrity bags and style sub-forum!

  • anonymous

    That is an identical style to Mulberry’s Mabel hobo.

    • aidan

      thank you!

  • mochababe73

    I agree. I would never spend that much for a Donna Karan handbag. It’s an okay bag in a nothing color. Of course, I’m biased since all of my handbags are colored. I love a colored bag.

  • Jane

    I am sorry I love this bag sophistication with an edge. The prices have to start somewhere. Chanel had to make its name as well as MJ so why not try DK for a try? Who knows she has been kicking some serious handbag ass with the Eldridge and now this shoulder bag. These bags just might become the rare finds that we all want to collect and own in the future. Who knows?

  • gpc

    I bought my first Chanel back in late Summer (a Maxi, metallic grey lambskin – $3000 +) and really can’t say I am that impressed. As for MJ, I wouldn’t pay $200 for one of those bags (not to take anything away from either AA’s or anonymous’ opinions), they just strike me as trash for the masses. As for these recent DK bags, while I haven’t purchased one, I am impressed. There is quality, creativity and utility in these bags. You definitely won’t see them everywhere, which is always nice too.

    • AA

      MJ bags arent $200! MJ is not trashy its bold and I think you should check out the MJ forums!

  • Jacqueline Suzanne

    I am not a fan of this bag at any price.

  • Michael St. James


  • Gina Rio

    do you guys read other blogs too?

  • MizzJ

    I know everyone’s kinda yawning over this bag, but can’t we all give a little appreciation for a simple, elegant bag? Not everything has to be embellished up the wazoo like a Marc Jacob or Alexander McQueen creation! I would totally wear this everyday and I love the expandable zipper and creamy color.


  • s

    that lil’ clip would just dig right into my shoulder y’all