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As much fun as It Bags and logos can be from time to time, sometimes you just want to fly under the radar. Maybe it’s a situation in which something conspicuous isn’t appropriate (think a professional event or job interview), or maybe you’re just not feeling particularly flashy. Good taste is, well, always in good taste. Luxury handbags are rarely inconspicuous, though – even tween starlets are carrying Celine these days. That’s where the Delvaux Madame Bag comes in.

Despite being nearly 200 years old, Brussels-based Delvaux is a brand that’s chosen to restrict itself to only a small, exclusive clientele. That means that bags like the Madame are every bit as luxurious and well-made as pieces from more famous designers, but they’re not quite so immediately recognizable. Although Delvaux can sometimes edge into “old lady” territory with some of its more traditional pieces, bags like the Madame (which converts from a classic shoulder bag to a more functional crossbody with just a few snaps) have helped modernize the brand for a more modern audience. In these muted tones, the bag is perfect for spring.

Delvaux Madame PM Shoulder Bag, Dove Grey
$3,500 via Barneys

Delvaux Madame PM Shoulder Bag Dove

Delvaux Madame PM Shoulder Bag, Blush
$3,500 via Barneys

Delvaux Madame PM Shoulder Bag Blush

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