UGG Covina Cutout Fold Over Clutch Holy leather batman! Ok, I am going to say it now so you don’t judge me later, I like this clutch. It is simple, functional and versatile. I’ll be the first to say there is nothing super special about the clutch, but there is enough that I like to peak my interest. As much as I enjoy an elegant and sophisticated clutch for a special occasion, I also love a clutch that is as sporty as I am. Maybe sporty isn’t the word I am looking for, but I think you probably catch my drift.

UGG Covina Cutout Fold Over Clutch

The UGG Covina Cutout Fold Over Clutch is definitely something I’d love to own. I am more of a low key, dive bar kind of girl than a fancy restaurant, posh club kind of girl. Don’t get me wrong, I love a big night out on the town where I am dressed to the nines. But the typical Shannon is casual chic (or at least I like to believe so). And this casualness means I need a casual clutch like this one to take out to my favorite dive bar. Just a few studs adorn the leather clutch along with bold cutout handles. This clutch would pair so nicely with a great bohemian outfit or jeans and shirt. So many options! Again, nothing super special, but I like it. Buy through Nordstrom for $178.

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