I don’t think I’ve ever written about a Tylie Malibu bag before, but when their designers are making bags as cool as the Tylie Malibu Rose Studded Shoulder Bag, how could I resist the opportunity? We know by now that studs and other industrial details are a huge trend for fall, and when so many other designers are flooding the market with similar bags, it’s surely difficult to make your studs stand out among the others. Yet somehow, this one does. And in a really good way.

Tylie Malibu Rose Studded Shoulder Bag

Part of my attraction to it is because of the big mass of studs right in the middle. The only other designer we’ve seen do studs in such a bold way is Alexander Wang, and while this is certainly not an It Bag of that caliber, it’s probably a bag that could be implemented into more different types of looks. I particularly like that the studs are gunmetal instead of bright silver or gold – it’s simultaneously more industrial and more sophisticated than the alternatives. On closeup, the leather looks great and the bag looks very functional, so I can’t help but wonder if there’s a way for me to come up with 500 extra dollars. Buy through Neiman Marcus for $495.

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  • greenpixie

    I love this! Definitely on my radar for fall…

  • Suzanne

    What a beautiful bag! I’ve been a Tylie fan for a while now but this is one of the most stunning bags I’ve seen.

  • Septembre

    This bag looks a bit like the Proenza Schouler PS1 bag with a “mass of studs” on the front. I like the PS1 a lot better. The studs looked like an afterthought.


  • Amanda R

    I love the color of the leather (grey is so versatile, yet so beautiful on its own) and the studs (gun mental is a welcome change from the more typical gold or silver), but I’m just not digging this bag. To me it seems like they designed a very attractive bag then realized a little late in the game, “Oh snap! Studs are big this fall… lets throw a bunch right… HERE!” Kinda like a last minute sort of thing. If the studs were a bit more scattered and used more as accents rather than the main attraction of the bag, I think I would like it more.

  • Rufina

    and it looks like that studded part is about to fall off the bag
    this must be heavy……………….
    Now if you take Treesje fall collection for example – totally different story

  • JJ

    just got this bag in purple and although it’s just a trendy bag for the season have to say the leather is TDF and the bag is so lightweight! actually more versatile than you think and although i love the alex wang studded bag this one is more practical as the straps are long enough to carry on the shoulder or can be shortened as a handcarry. i struggle with the alex wang as it doesn’t fall very nicely either….